Feb 292012

I was pondering my use of Ambien today after reading a study that prescription hypnotics have a nasty “side effect” of death and cancer. Maybe I missed that when they were quickly listing off all the other side effects of Ambien in the commercials and literature, but it seems unlikely.

I seem to recall getting started taking Ambien when taking Solu-Medrol many years ago. I guess it all makes sense now. I hated Solu-Medrol, I just did not realize that the drug I was taking with it to sleep might be even worse. Fortunately, I never liked Ambien and wanted to try and drop it as soon as possible; that and it was pretty expensive at the time. The last time I took it was after I was “stuck on it” because quitting lowers your seizure threshold (another of its many side effects). While I certainly do not have the best sleep habits I think it is well worth modifying those before taking a sleeping pill.

So now we know that hypnotics are pretty bad the real question is which is worse Ambien or Tysabri? What happens if you are doing a “combination therapy” with the two drugs?

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