Jan 222012

aka personalized health care. Some of you may have thought you were already getting this, but the trend is to take it further. Two things about this strike me. First is “If we build it they will come” with no clearly demonstrated benefits. Two, this is genetic testing on steroids. While these slides¬†highlights some of the major flaws of this healthcare paradigm. I think all of this technology may provide some minimal benefit, but the main interest is in those who are going to profit off of the technology. While I am the poster child for not doing this I think at the end of the day you have to take some personal responsibility for your health. Personal responsibility does not mean taking your pills it means exercising and eating well. I do not see how personalized medicine would help with Multiple Sclerosis since there are no indicators that you will get Multiple Sclerosis. How would this help me?

As I write this it reminds me that I consistently have low vitamin D levels, and I should go pickup some more vitamin D supplements. Impressively bad living this far south. Maybe I should try to see the sun occasionally.

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