Jan 022012

I had a similar post here. After watching the video I will have to revisit my position I made earlier on diet and MS. I recently got an email about healing MS with diet and put it off. I got around to it today and it is a TED presentation. I like TED presentations because unlike reality TV you do not feel like less of a person when you are done. Unfortunately for me and my typical American diet I watched this after a lunch of pizza and Coke and I began to wonder what am I doing to myself. Tis the season for new years resolutions.

Here is the link to the article I was sent. It includes the video and expands on the diet idea. It also includes some ideas that even I can not go along with (e.g. childhood trauma. Sure I did not get that one great toy I wanted for Christmas, but I do not think it is causing me problems now).

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