Dec 292011

As I have posted before on the CCSVI issue, I think it is extremely unlikely that blood vessels are the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. While this is not new news I did see an article saying the same thing. Or paraphrasing their words we are getting a lot of evidence to support that there is no evidence to support CCSVI as a cause for Multiple Sclerosis. I am sure there are some cases where the veins are an issue, but those are few and far between, and that would not be Multiple Sclerosis but some other disorder. NMSS is continuing to investigate what I would have considered a dead end project but their views are a little different (maybe it’s hard to turn away grant money?). Reading through some of their early findings the control group had a significant amount of CCSVI too. What we learn from this is that almost everyone has CCSVI, and needs to eat better.

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  1. As this was a negative post on CCSVI I want to commend the brave people who proceeded with the experimental CCSVI treatment like Mitch. I am very sad that the treatment did not work for him. It can be easy to arm chair quarter back from your living room chair, like me, but advancements in medicine are made by those willing to do the clinical trials of new treatments. Hats off to you Mitch and the others who are participating in the CCSVI trials.

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