Nov 172011

The issue with not being able to post comment on the blog has been fixed. This was a bug related to changing hosting providers. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are still having issues please send me an email at erikmsblog at gmail dot com. Other than the comment issue I think the move was a success and the overall performance is significantly better. Once again sorry for the comment posting problems.


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Nov 172011

I received an email from a friend that bemoaned the ills of Aspertame. She qualified it will that she checked Snopes and Snopes said it was all false so I did not check its validity. She went on and added her personal experience with Aspertame and her related vision issues. Snopes can be good or not so great depending on the topic; I think XKCD said it best.

Two thoughts: First is that there have been plenty off damning things coming out about Aspertame for many years so Aspertame is definitely not all roses and sunshine. To go along with that I highly recommend the video Sweet Misery available on Hulu. Certainly the documentary has a bias, as all documentaries tend to, but well worth seeing. Secondly, and something my friend discovered, it does not matter if everyone tells you something is safe, or that something will fix all your problems, or if some product is just culturally normal. If you personally respond differently than expected than you need to take appropriate action. Equally important and relevant to the Aspertame do not rule out something as a problem just because lots of people (doctors, friends, etc.) have deemed it safe or beneficial. If you are having problems than you need to evaluate your response to your medicine, diet, environment, etc. You are vested more than anyone else in how you feel and you will know more than anyone else how you are responding to something. MRIs and blood tests can not do as good of a job of measuring your overall well being and overall “how you feel” as you can. Be attentive and vigilant to feel better.

Nov 162011

I received an email recently asking my present condition, and whether I had MS and Lyme. The concern from the author was she had been treating Lyme with some degree of success and is now getting worse. I shared an experience of someone I know which seemed relevant. This other person had also been treated for Lyme, but had not gotten significantly better. He eventually went to Dr. Shoemaker and he recommended they test the house for mold; and it was discovered they had a very toxic form that needed to be fixed. While taking care of the mold, moving, and taking new medicine helped he was still having significant problems. At a future appointment Dr. Shoemaker suggested he go on a gluten free diet for a few months. During that time there was massive improvement. He continues to remains gluten free because any gluten causes sickness, fatigue, etc.  As a reminder to everyone to be wary of doctors offering advice and no solutions because he has been told by other doctors after the improvement off of the gluten products that he is not gluten intolerant but offered no other good solutions.

My point to the author of the email was not about gluten or the mold but that you can have more than one problem. If you are not getting better or are getting worse than you need to evaluate your treatment and maybe the diagnosis. Many things can cause fatigue and just because you have been diagnosed with Lyme, MS, etc. doesn’t mean something else isn’t causing the fatigue, etc.; on the other hand it could just be Lyme or MS. Be diligent and fight to be well.