Sep 032011

For the few who do post unfortunately I had to add a Captcha because the SPAM has gotten out of control. I have included a dump of how the SPAM has continued to grow on the site. 🙁

I took a cruise with Eriksgirl a couple of years ago. We met someone on the cruise and I could tell by the way he talked, and he certainly did not volunteer very much information, that he was into a questionable Internet business. I talked with Eriksgirl about it and she fully agreed that whatever he was doing it was questionable at best. I thought at the time it was probably sending Spam. I knew then that if that was what he was doing I would have thrown him overboard into the middle of the ocean. Maybe I should have asked so we could be down by at least one.

On another note I have not been happy with my hosting provider for a very long time. I will hopefully get the site moved to a new provider within a few months and it will at least be a little faster.

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  1. Hey Erik
    I just came across your blog again after many years of not reading it. See what I wrote about you on my blog today. You are the “him” in my first paragraph. I used to write a blog and stopped writing it about 4 years ago but just made a new post today.

    Just want to say Thanks!

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