Jun 022010

Eriksgirl went for a MRI today. Over the phone they had told her no breastfeeding for 48 hours because of the contrast. She thought this sounded wrong based on her experience working at an imaging facility. The American College of Radiology actually found that breast feeding is safe with contrast. Additionally, Hale’s Medications and Mothers Milk says the same thing.

At the appointment Eriksgirl made the “mistake” of saying she would not stop nursing at check-in. This resulted in a 30 minuted confrontation with the radiologist about nursing. Eriksgirl brought up his College’s position to which he replied he did not care what they thought. Eriksgril ended the argument by saying she would use formula. She decided that would get her in the tube and she was not there to argue about drugs. It worked.

All of the Colleges have some bad policies (ACOG, AAP, IDSA, etc) but as a rule doctors should probably follow their colleges best practices. The ACR had a reasoned position. Did the radiologist have a reasoned position (if so he certainly never shared it), or was it more of that is what he had always done. I think we have too much of a “that is how we have always done it” mindset in medicine, and maybe that is why Colleges have bad policies that are too slow changing (*cough* IDSA *cough*).

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  1. Eriksgirl already had a very low opinion of radiologists before this incident; this did nothing to help. Her thought is that they are barely doctors and all they do is interpret pictures. They do nothing clinical and nothing to directly help a patient. She did see a radiologist called over for an emergency at work one time, closest doctor, and he could not help because he had not done anything clinical in the decades since medical school.

    Since a radiologist’s job is not clinical I have to wonder if some day it can be replaced by a computer.

  2. I agree. I think “that is what they have always done” and they don’t make the effort to keep up with research. They get comfortable and stay there, and because of that, we can suffer. Don’t think outside the box, docs, that may take too much effort!

  3. Now I’m just sad. Erik’s girl has to have an MRI too. Hope you are okay!

  4. Thank you mouse. Unlike my MRI her’s came back flawless. Very good news.

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