May 212010

Sometimes I ponder why has the cause of Multiple Sclerosis not been identified. Why is is Lyme treatment filled with so much controversy. In the end we are either in a very dark period or we are getting dumber. In my casual surfing I came across this paraphrase of a larger article:

Scientists at this year’s XXVIIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil agree that we do not yet know how ubiquitous or how fragile life is, but that: ‘The Earth’s period of habitability is nearly over on a cosmological timescale. In a half to one billion years the Sun will start to be too luminous and warm for water to exist in liquid form on Earth, leading to a runaway greenhouse effect in less than 2 billion years.’ Other surprising claims from this conference: that the Sun may not be the ideal kind of star to nurture life, and that the Earth may not be the ideal size.

Their numerous propositions defy the scientific principle because they are all untestable. Regardless, a bunch a highly accredited people got together and came up with this series of propositions that really just boils down to speculation. Maybe speculation, guessing, bias, rhetoric, etc. is the new science.

Of course this ties in very nicely with Lyme. Lyme, as complex as it is, can be is something that you can study and test. Fortunately there are people that do study Lyme. How is it then that so many people got to testify at the IDSA hearing about their untested personal beliefs. I’ll be fair a personal account should not have been there either. In the end I guess none of it mattered.

May 192010

Recently I have begun to suspect that the comment Spam filter has probably captured some legitimate comments. There is no easy way to manually check, there are far too many spam messages, and the filter is working pretty well. If your message does not appear immediately then it was caught by the Spam filter and will never appear. I recommend rephrasing and re-posting. Sorry.

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