Apr 062010

Now that I have discontinued all treatments this site does not do me much good. On the other hand NeedyMeds might help you with drugs costs. From what little I have looked at the site it appears to be all the manufacturer discounts per drug, what it takes to qualify, and how to apply. Since I have not used the site it is not an endorsement, but it looks good. Have fun.

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  1. Hang in there! Remember all of the things that you are thankful for. And keep up the good fight. Whether with the medical industry or alone. I commend you for your efforts. I agree that altruism is lacking in both the medical and pharmaceutical fields. And because of that I am torn between what my brain tells me as a Republican who leads toward Libertarian economically and what my heart tells me as a human being who cares about others. There should be some middle ground. But it seems to always be so muddy it can’t be seen… and of course muddy is also slippery.. always something to be concerned about. A fall could be devastating too. What to do? We should pray to the source of all help.. the creator of the Universe and all that was, is and ever will be for guidance, grace and mercy. Thanks again for your efforts. Muhammad

  2. Hi Erik,

    My name is Monica Chenard and I am assisting professors at the University of Southern Maine with research regarding individuals’ with disabilities perceptions of their own disabilities. I have been searching for blogs expressing individuals’ perceptions, thoughts, and ideas, and I came across your blog. The material that you provide in your blog would help our research out a lot, and I am writing to ask your permission to publish your comments. If you give us permission, you can choose to be listed by your first name, or as anonymous. We will need your city of residence though (i.e. Anonymous, City. or Name, City). It would be great if you could send me a quick e-mail (monica.chenard@hotmail.com) expressing your wishes that we do or do not publish your blog.

    Thank You,

    Monica Chenard
    University of Southern Maine
    Graduate Research Assistant

  3. I second everything that Muhammad just said here.

  4. Monica,
    You are welcome to use my posts and comments. The comments made by others are their property and I can not give permission for them.

    Good luck. & realizing that this is a 99% likely spam I will still let it stay. Like she needs permission to cite a public resource. At least the comment didn’t ask for my SS#! 😉

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