Feb 042010

While the IDSA never had a significant impact over my treatment of Lyme I know their protocols do negatively impact a lot a people with Lyme. Many were optimistic that the legal battle with the IDSA would change things; I have never been that optimistic. (You can read about IDSA’s recent antics here.) You almost have to applaud their voting technique as almost malicious genius. In the minimum the amount of effort IDSA is willing to exert to maintain the status quo is excessive. Reviewing the new information and following the protocol has to be easier. With this development I am even less inclined to think any progress will be made with the IDSA Lyme protocol in the near term.

Reviewing an old post it reminded me of all the talk revolving around crazy at the IDSA hearing. There must be a little irony now that the IDSA seems to be forcefully rejecting new information for review.