Dec 152009

Dune Sea Garrison MS Walk 2009

In reviewing some of my old posts I came across this one where stormtroopers were raising money for MS. I had to go back and check their status to see if they are still participating in the walk; and yes the Dune Sea Garrison is still doing the MS Walk each year. Pretty cool, or maybe not for them. I still agree with mdmhvonpa’s comment about the heat. It is hot walking in Texas without heavy total body stormtrooper gear; I can not imagine doing it in Arizona. Now I have to wonder where Star Garrison was for my Texas MS walks. If Star Garrison had been here I definitely would have changed my allegiance to the Empire and probably thrown some Trekkies under the bus for good measure. 😉

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  1. i wonder if any had hiking poles?? .. and, yes, the heat would knock around those with MS.

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