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With a couple recent comments about the MP it had me thinking about that treatment option again. Certainly the recent comments were very optimistic as were some of my own old comments on the protocol. My thinking has changed over time and the Marshall Protocol now seems like a bad idea. As I recall the protocol is against D2 and D3. It does not seem rational to me that your body would make something harmful to itself, D3, that would inhibit immune response. Even if 1,25-D could remain at an acceptable level with D3 at zero, which seems unlikely, it still seems like a bad idea. Is it not hubris to call something non-essential if you do not know its full purpose?

On a somewhat related note I got the results from my annual physical and my vitamin D levels are low. The doctor prescribed 50,000 IU once a week to get the levels back up. I probably should be taking a daily vitamin D. I guess too bad I was not doing the Marshall Protocol since I was in the process of dropping my D levels all by myself. 🙁

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  1. I have done tremendously well on the MP. Note that D is not really a vitamin (nutrient) because our body manufactures it; it is a prohormone/steroid – see Wikipedia even.

    The Vitamin D receptor is at the heart of the immune system. All of this is known science. Dr. Marshall’s theory claims that the bugs have short-circuited the immune process by blocking htis receptor, and he has found out how to turn it back on (as evidenced by massive herxing followed by recovery in thousands of patients.)

    For those of us with “auto-immune diseases” the shutting off of the herx (feeling better) by taking vitamin D supplements, should be strong evidence that Marshall is on the right track!

  2. I do not think feeling worse herxes is a sign of progress. That could be a side effect of having low D levels and thus losing their anti-inflammatory effects. Could be the same herx as before, but now it is taking a much bigger toll on your body.

    LymeMD updated his view on D here: Vitamin D: A retraction–I got it all wrong

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