Nov 292009

This comment pointed out a new theory as to the cause and a treatment for MS. I do like that people are looking for a root cause rather than the very expensive treatments that are moderately affective for MS. That said his research has some problems to overcome

  1. It is caused by high iron but MS strikes more females. Female tend to battle getting enough iron before menopause.
  2. If he is relying on CCSVI as an explanation why does this happen to women more than men
  3. He is also failing to prove that iron is the cause it may be something else related to poor circulation
  4. Or the circulation issue may be a caused by what is causing the MS

Not that Lyme is all MS cases but Lyme does cause demylination and it does affect circulation. Some other type of stealth pathogen seems more reasonable to me; especially after what Dr. Zamboni has found here with the circulation.

What I really dislike is the NMSS response. They consistently rebuff new directions of research and alternative therapies while continuing to push to core drugs. They are almost an advertising branch for some of their big contributors.

Nov 272009

This Thanksgiving there was certainly much to give thanks for and certainly much to give thanks for when considering Lyme and MS. Here is a small subset of the things I am thankful for:

  1. A family that loves me
  2. I have gotten much better. Life changing better
  3. Insurance that pays well
  4. A decent LLMD
  5. Medicine that has healed
  6. A good job that covers all those wonderful medical costs
  7. I got correctly diagnosed and started making massive positive progress
  8. A great wife
  9. A great family
  10. A great life

Thank you Lord!