Aug 102009

As I commented on another blog a while back I have been taking fish oil for a while. Early in transiting to my current LLMD I complained about my memory. He recommend fish oil; in particularly he recommended Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3. My LLMD liked the higher concentration in Cooper brand, etc. He did warn that it would probably take two weeks to see improvement, which in hindsight seems about right. Taking the supplement has significantly helped my memory though certainly not a cure. Eriksgirl came around to the fish oil as well and she has seen improved memory as well. To be fair part of the blame is on our diet since we do not like fish and therefore naturally do not get the Omega-3 fats in our food. As a small consolation to not eating fish we should, hopefully, not be getting much mercury in our diet. Yeah fish oil.

For me in particular, and anyone who suffers from demyelination, I think taking fish oil is a cheap, easy way to greatly improve your quality of life.

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  1. hello Erik
    So you and I have something in common. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005 when I was 15, and Over the past five years I have definately had my share of problems and symptoms. About 6 months ago I came across an article about the connection between lyme disease and other neurological diseases. It told of how you can contract it, the symptoms, its 3 stages and the treatments available for it. In 2003, I found 2 ticks on me after a week long camping trip followed by a bulls eye rash, which i thought was just a sweat rash or something. As you already know, MS is a disease where the immune system attacks the fatty tissue in the brain. During the last stage, it said the lyme bacteria can enter the brain and is drawn to that same fatty tissue your body is attacking, so, after reading the article i was convinced i had lyme disease. a week later I went and had a blood test done and I tested positive for lyme. I have been treating my lyme for 6 months now and I have never felt better than I do now in the past 5 years…. I have always been a strong believer in natural alternatives and have been using Homeopathics to treat my lyme disease. I could have used antibiotics, but the longer you have had lyme, the deeper the bacteria is in the tissue and the harder it is to remove it. Homeopathics work by starting deep in the bodys tissue and working its way out to the surface killing the bacteria. I wanted to tell you, if you havent already used homeopsthics, you should try it because has helped me more than anything else. All of my aches and pains in my joints are gone, my permanent double vision is gone, I have complete control of my bladder again, the numbness and tingling in my body is longer there, i dont stutter all the time, I can walk in a straight line again, my hands dont shake anymore, my memory is better, im not always tired, and even the lesions on my latest MRI are smaller and/or gone! every aspect of my overall health has improved DRASTICALLY and i dont feel like an 80 year old woman anymore… I know they dont really know the causes of ms, but that it is maybe caused by some virus or bacteria. I know what is causing mine. And I hope this sheds some new light for you and you will try this method and it will help you like it has me. 🙂

  2. Omega 3 is also said to be helpful for pain if taken in high doses.

  3. I am just concerned about the main source of Omega 3 which is the liver of fish. as you can see, fishes can accumulate mercury and pcb. ‘,*

  4. I am curious how much someone–specifically a 13 year old–should take for demyelination. Our naturopath has recommended krill oil. She said we were not absorbing the salmon oil. So I will need to figure out how many caps to give my daughter so that she is getting enough.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    • I am not sure there is a dangerous amount but there is a point where you will start to get sick. You may have to play around and find a comfortable/effective dose.

      Good Luck!

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