Aug 042009

As I was flipping through my latest copy of MS Connection the headline “New Study Reports Reduced Overall Cancer Risk in Patients with MS.” Of course reading the article this only applies to “several” cancers and “particularly” women. Odd.

What I found most interesting is the higher incidence of brain cancer in people with MS. As the article states the cause is unknown but they note: “may relate to the increased surveillance and diagnostic workups such as MRI that people with MS are more likely to have compared to those without MS.” If the MRI can give you brain cancer so can your cell phone. Everone “knows” that cells phones don’t give brain tumors why entertain that MRI’s can. What I find most interesting is leaving the MS treatment drugs off as a very likely culprit for causing cancer. Since we know that suppressing the immune response to the brain prevents the necessary immune response to cancer cells suppressing it could cause cancer. I should note that this is not new news that MS drugs cause cancer as I dismissed a study in 2005.

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  1. interesting take on the ‘new study.’ are we so sure that MRI’s don’t contribute to causing cancer? it wouldn’t surprise me, since it seems that most things in this world pose the threat of being carcinogenic, radiation on the top of the list. anyway, i work for icyou is the leader for health videos online. thought you may be interested in a few of our videos. here’s a link, cheers!

  2. Yes, I realize that this is a little spammy. On the other hand it is at least something different. That is why I let it stay.

  3. When I first starting reading your post my mind went to the MRI, in particular the radioactive oxygen tracking aspect of it. There is much coming on the horizon about medical condition investigations and treatments and their ultimate consequences. I cringe every time I see an advert on some medication where one of the side effects may be death. Didn’t they disallow Tysabri for that very same thing a while back; that is before they conditionally put it back on the market? Now it’s a ‘free for all’ with pharmaceuticals. Oh no, now I’m a marked woman!

  4. Just found your blog – 30-year old daughter diagnosed w/MS 2 years ago. Anyway, I think the article might have been trying to say that the increase in brain cancer among MS patients is due to increased vigilance, including the use of MRIs. I don’t think they meant the MRIs are in and of themselves causing the cancer. If you never have an MRI, you won’t get diagnosed with brain cancer until you have serious symptoms. My 2 cents worth…

  5. Our 48-year old daughter in law has had MS for 13 years. In early November she was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer which had metastasized to her spine and brain. She lived 12 weeks after her diagnosis.

    A year earlier she experienced an episode of confusion. It was attributed to the cocktail of drugs she was taking. An MRI done at that time showed two new “scleroses” in her brain. Now we know one of those two was an oops – not a new MS scleroses, but a tumor. I can’t help but wonder if the outcome would have been different had they taken a closer look rather than simply writing the findings off as attributable to MS.

  6. Connie,
    I am very sorry for you and your family.

  7. I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis as well as a brain tumour. The brain tumour was found a year before the ms diagnosis. I have not started any drugs to treat the ms, so these cannot be the cause of my tumour. In my opinion both of these conditions that I have, in my case, were caused by 15 years of working with a variety of dangerous toxic chemicals in the electronics industry, many with warnings of ‘known to be carcinogenic’, ‘known to cause serious CNS damage’ etc. The incidence of having both of the cases is VERY rare, but I do think there is a link, one condition starting the process of the other to progress in the brain. I always believed when MS was looked into in my case and then the brain tumour was looked on as being MS – I believed it was always both conditions and was proved right. I have had a number of MRI’s but there is no radiation used in these scans and do not believed it was the scan that caused either of my conditions, it was this scan that was able to see the process going on in my brain: tumour and ms lesions that disseminated in time.

  8. Well, it stands to reason that people with ms are more suseptable to brain cancer. Not because of the drugs, nor because of mri scans, but because a symptom of ms is a compromised blood brain barrier. This means that the brain is not protected from the toxins that cause the cancer.
    I have done a lot of research on this, as my best friend of 15 years recently passed away from brain melanoma.
    She had a skin melanoma removed from her thigh, then 3 months later, she was diagnosed with ms. 8 months later, she started showing symptoms of confusion, peti mal siezures, and was put into hospital for investigation.
    It is rare for a melanoma presenting on the lower half of the body to present metastasized in the brain, but because her blood brain barrier had already been damaged, it was able to set up shop in there.
    It was four months between diagnosis and death.
    I found it interesting that her oncologists had never had a case like hers before that.

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