Aug 102009

As I commented on another blog a while back I have been taking fish oil for a while. Early in transiting to my current LLMD I complained about my memory. He recommend fish oil; in particularly he recommended Cooper Complete Advanced Omega-3. My LLMD liked the higher concentration in Cooper brand, etc. He did warn that it would probably take two weeks to see improvement, which in hindsight seems about right. Taking the supplement has significantly helped my memory though certainly not a cure. Eriksgirl came around to the fish oil as well and she has seen improved memory as well. To be fair part of the blame is on our diet since we do not like fish and therefore naturally do not get the Omega-3 fats in our food. As a small consolation to not eating fish we should, hopefully, not be getting much mercury in our diet. Yeah fish oil.

For me in particular, and anyone who suffers from demyelination, I think taking fish oil is a cheap, easy way to greatly improve your quality of life.

Aug 072009

So I got this comment on the blog so I had to go check out the site. I watched the video on the top of the site and it was about the necessity of people to volunteer for medical testing. I do not see the moral or ethical imperative of anyone to alpha-test or beta-test any drug or treatment. While he contends it is safe the point of the tests are partially to determine safety along with side effects and appropriate dosing. The bottom line is people have died from drug and therapy testing; which should be all too apparent in the MS world. I think I will pass. I do wonder if he has ever volunteered to be part of a medical testing process.

Aug 042009

As I was flipping through my latest copy of MS Connection the headline “New Study Reports Reduced Overall Cancer Risk in Patients with MS.” Of course reading the article this only applies to “several” cancers and “particularly” women. Odd.

What I found most interesting is the higher incidence of brain cancer in people with MS. As the article states the cause is unknown but they note: “may relate to the increased surveillance and diagnostic workups such as MRI that people with MS are more likely to have compared to those without MS.” If the MRI can give you brain cancer so can your cell phone. Everone “knows” that cells phones don’t give brain tumors why entertain that MRI’s can. What I find most interesting is leaving the MS treatment drugs off as a very likely culprit for causing cancer. Since we know that suppressing the immune response to the brain prevents the necessary immune response to cancer cells suppressing it could cause cancer. I should note that this is not new news that MS drugs cause cancer as I dismissed a study in 2005.

Aug 012009

As I read through the CALDA updates on the IDSA hearing it was striking how the drama and arguments are still the same old stuff. I hope that IDSA protocols improve, but I am less than optimistic.

What I thought was most interesting was even in this hearing there had to be an appeal to crazy. Usually you hear hypochondria but Dr. Arthur Weinstein’s appeal to somatization syndrome was new. Certainly one of the poison pills in that diagnosis is that the problems had to occur before the age of 30. Many Lyme suffers are not in that category. The bigger issue with the medical profession in general, and I have seen repeatedly and separate from Lyme, MS, and me, is that doctors dismiss what they do not understand. The doctors lack of comprehension is especially troubling when it turns into an accusation of crazy. I think it is easy to read maliciousness into being called crazy, but I think this is prime example of where Hanlon’s Razor should be applied. Sadly the level of ignorance and stupidity abounded in that hearing. How can you fix willful stupidity and ignorance?

Eriksgirl thought that the IDSA should be infected with Lyme. If Lyme can be treated like they believe a little Doxycline will cure them. It would be interesting to see how many continue to eat their own dog food if they got Lyme. Maybe someone should have been like Bill Gates and his mosquitoes and brought a jar of ticks to the meeting.