May 082008

Since my last MRI was at the hospital, because of my seizure, we went back to the hospital; the idea being that they can compare findings from the last MRI. As a nice bonus their imaging facility was separate from the hospital; which I am sure is to present more of a private imaging center feel. The big difference from where I normally go was that they wouldn’t let me wear my clothes into the MRI. She said that the zipper shavings from my jeans get into the magnet and ruin the images. I’m skeptical and very irritated as I’m changing into a hospital gown and pants. I can also listen to a CD at the private imaging facility, but that’s not an option here.

Reading the radiology report is somewhat depressing with all of the lesions. I try to think that the focus of my Lyme treatment, up until the recent change to Minocin, was focused heavily on the co-infections and not on Lyme. I am doing better, and feel better; why all the lesions? I will be seeing the LLMD soon to see what he thinks about my vision, and now the MRI results.

To be continued …

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