May 012008

I have never checked the Spam folder for the erikmsblog account until a couple of days ago. Gmail overall has been better at filtering out the spam and letting through legitimate mail on the other accounts. This is different than Yahoo’s policy which seems to let through all of the spam and mark all of the valid emails as spam. When checking the spam folder I did find some good emails; so if you have never gotten a reply from me it is probably because Gmail thought it was spam. If it was Yahoo I would suggest just include the word Viagra because I think that causes it to bypass their filters, but with Gmail I don’t know. I’ll try to be better about checking the spam folder in the future.

  6 Responses to “ErikMSBlog vs. Spam Filter”

  1. So, will you be able to Pleaze her now? I mean, with all that imPotent email about your SiZE++ enhancement … heh.

  2. Exactly! You must have a Yahoo account too! 🙁

  3. JK,
    I had not seen the article; thank you. It is good that the IDSA is forced to reevaluate the Lyme guidelines. In the end I don’t know if much will change. I guess we will see.

  4. I just found out that I have MS about two-weeks ago after several weeks of vertigo, a CT scan and an MRI. Like you, I feel called to chronicle and explore my experiences. I think it is helping. Physically, I feel like shit (first “relapse”, hormones etc…) but emotionally and spiritually I feel the best I ever have. We need to save the world, not just for MS patients with idiot doctors but for humanity. Let’s do the research and get the ideas out there. Please read and share my blog. I have already plugged yours.
    Nadja Yse-Stringer

  5. Nadja,
    I’m sorry to hear about the MS. I’m surprised by the number of people who have started blogging, like you, right after being diagnosed. It was a year before I started this blog. The diagnosis of MS, and the uncertainty, was certainly a lot to come to terms with; and I could not have written anything during that time.

    On a side note I have no grand plans of “saving the world.” 😉 For the few who come here this is just my journey with MS and Lyme; and some things I have hopefully learned along the way. Mostly I am in debt to others who have helped me along.

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