May 092008

Still waiting on my appointment with the LLMD, but while waiting I have the follow-up with the neurologist about the MRI. Surprisingly this was a relatively short visit. At my previous visit he said that he thought there is a lesion in the visual cortex (or something in that area. I didn’t take the best notes) that is causing the blind spots. At the previous visit he drew a picture (which I should share) of where he thought the lesion would be located. At this visit, and based on the radiology report, he said there is definitely a lesion in that area causing the problem. I do not begin to have enough neurology knowledge to understand the radiology report so I will have to take his word. On the other hand it seems somewhat reasonable since there are many other lesions in the brain. After his diagnosis he proceeded to take out a textbook to show where in the brain the lesion is located. The quick brain anatomy lesson was interesting, but even with his explanations the lesson was way over my head. 😉 Strangely, he did not discuss steroids (Solu-Medrol); which saved me from the hassle of telling him no. Overall I would say that this visit was worth the $25 co-pay.

To be continued with the LLMD visit …

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  1. hi i have read most of your blog posts and my sister has all the same signs and symptoms as you do and i was just wondering if you have a clear diagnosis?

  2. Deductive Diagnosis? I’m always skeptic …

  3. Any new news??

  4. hi Erik,

    Very interesting and open blog. I am sorry for you ON problem, and I hope you can pull through it. I am an MS-er but never had real ON, as least not yet.

    I see you are on the cusp of Tysabri. I cannot get it yet, as I have had only one relapse almost a year ago. I am on the crappy Avonex now, but my neuro has said he will give me Tysabri if Avonex does not do a perfect job, because his other patients are doing fantastic on it (like, walking with a cane where before they couldn’t unaided).

    I just wanted to give you some hope for Tysabri, it seems to be made for MS. Looking around YouTube, and yestyerday there was a nice surprise, 2 new MS patients both doing very well on Tysabri, youtube videos # cq0hUrNW7dg and # AUdL4KZRJgc – you should be able to find them.

    I don’t know if it works with men more than women, but those guys had miracolous results, one of them feels super after just one infusion, the other has been given his life back.

    Just wanted to pass that on,

  5. slowpokie247,
    My diagnosis remains the same. I am diagnosed with Lyme and I am continuing treatment. The neurologist believes I have MS, and maybe I do (I need to get rid of the Lyme first), and so the MS diagnosis remains. Only the Lyme is being actively treated.

  6. Melissa Ballard,
    There is more news. There have been family events that have kept me away. I should resume within a couple of days.

  7. Anonymous/Martha,
    While I never specifically posted it the vision problems were not optic neuritis. Optic neuritis is entirely the optic nerve (I think) which was not affected this time.

  8. I will check back….I am interested in your prognosis/diagnosis. If you read my blog, you will see I am dealing with similar stuff!! Always nice to have someone who knows what you are going through!!

  9. Good luck with it Erik, it’s a non-stop thrill ride with the doctors. My MS was diagnosed in 1988, I’ve taken all the meds except Tysabri, and I think I’m going to sit that one out. My ON was originally diagnosed in 1986 as an optic tumor. They were suggesting all types of surgery, but no answers. Things do seem to be progressing, so I suppose we wait to see what comes next? Again, good luck.

  10. Erik,

    You are speaking about your visits to doctors and pharmaceuticals you use as if these are the most important things.

    Are all these synthetic things improving quality of your life?

    I'm definitely better without ANY drugs and visit to doctors.

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