Mar 172008

Before going on with the posts of the bad I thought it would be better to start with the some good. The doctor’s office called the other day to give me my CD-57 results; which were an 85. This is a record high. Before treatment started the CD-57 was at a 46, though it did move up some before. It is another indicator that I am improving.

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  1. Hi, I apologize for the ‘form’ letter but it is the easiest way to pass word most quickly.

    I am thrilled with the response to the MS Blogger project started at my blog, Brass and Ivory. I appreciate all those who took time to post about it on their blogs. I have discovered even more bloggers who have MS, whether they blog about the MS or not. A new listing is available at MS Blogger Community Project Revised.

    Secondly, I’m looking for submissions for next week’s Carnival of MS Bloggers. Information can be found at the end of each issue archived at Carnival of MS Bloggers. What I’m looking for this week are posts related to creativity. I discovered so many new bloggers who quilt, or knit, or crochet, or write, or photograph, etc. Basically, what do you do to express yourself?

    Thank you so much for participating.

    Lisa Emrich

    P.S. I also apologize for any increased ‘spamming’ of blog comments due to my growing linklist of bloggers with MS. For that I am sincerely sorry.

  2. Erik,
    Yay..for your cd57 being up! I started in the 20’s and I’m up to 60 =)
    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and then later MS and then finally after 7 years LYME. I have been treating it for almost 2 years since my diagnoses. I found your blog while searching “Yeast” My whole body itches and I think that the yeast is causing it. It’s 2:50 am and I’m going nuts =)
    I can relate to your symtoms since Lyme mimics MS. I pray that you have more “Good days” than bad ones.
    Take care and Wish you well.

  3. Kirsty,

    I am so sorry that it took 7 years to get a diagnosis. On one hand it’s good not to be alone, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t wish this on anyone. How would you say your treatment is coming along?

    Erik currently has a big yeast issue, and is taking Duflucan to help combat it while also taking acidophilus and “trying” to avoid sugar. It is amazing how many problems yeast can cause! I managed to “catch” yeast from Erik, and I was having muscle pain, fatigue, bad taste in the mouth, and in general feeling like crap! Erik was the one who figured out what was going on, and luckily for me, since I am not on any antibiotics, a week of acidophilus and I was feeling like a whole new person. I know that yeast can really suck! I hope that you are able to get it under control so that you can sleep and not be online at 2am itching.

    I genuinely wish you the best and I hope that your recovery is coming along well.


  4. Congrats on the CD57 rise! Expense-permitting, and depending on your dr’s style, you might want to order another Western Blot (from Igenex). When your immune system begins to work correctly again (and the CD57 maybe a sign of that), then it begins to react to the lyme bacteria by producing the appropriate antibodies, reflected in the Western Blot.

    I’m being treated for lyme/coinfections for a year based on symptoms (more CFS-like) and a low CD57 (40’s-50’s). Though I might have been aversly affected by where I was living; I’ve improved greatly after moving locations. I suspect it was toxic mold.

    Dr. Shoemaker’s book Mold Warriors addresses the issue of mold in illnesses like CFS/FM, lyme, and MS; he believes that the biotoxins produced in the body by lyme are similar to those produced by mold. So the problems can either mimic each other, or if lyme is present, compound. Regarding MS, he also thinks that the biotoxins chip away at myelin, but I wasn’t clear on exactly how that worked. His book might have some concrete suggestions for you, anything from identifying and minimizing mold exposure, to a few relatively benign Rx’s like Questran.

  5. JK,
    I think the WB is out because of expense; though it would be interesting. I am aware of Shoemamaker, but not the book. I will definitely have to check that out. Thanks for your comment!

  6. I went to the pound to get a puppy in Feb. 78 She had 25 ticks. My son removed every one of them. I guess it was the 26th one who lodged itself in my leg. I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. Then last week I went into a blog and it was shut down so I went into an old link and it said molyb,probiotics, b5, liquid oxygen.I started looking on google for anything that said molyb and I found others but they were gone the next day. Then I found one that said to print the info immediately I did not understand and I didn’t print. Then that one was gone. All said molyb and b5 etc. Finally I bought the moly b and other thing. I felt better in 30 minutes. It has been week and I feel great. My joints are killing me . The site said to not take more than ONE molyb or your knees will blow out and they did. They said that we are all on copper overload so we have to get the copper OUT of our system and the molyb will do that. WE need copper but we are getting plenty from our pipes alone and many foods and other sources. I feel great accept for the soreness. but that tells me that the mollyb is getting the copper out of my joints and brain. I am not telling anyone to follow my protocol listen to your doctor and if he says to take copper please do what he says. I found that copper is in birth control pills meds antibiotics even vitamins unethical people put copper and no molyb. I am using trace minerals liquid. All the co.s that sell mineral sup. without copper have been either shut downor cant sell them anymore. I sent an email to CNN I wanted them to tell me what is going on. I got a message that my material was read but they could not foreward it to Lou dobbs because it was FORBIDDEN. all of my bookmarkes have been wiped out my notes on molyb and lyme are gone all the sites are gone. One site said to print info on copperoverlad and lyme immediately so he disapeared also. What is going on? I can’t tell any that I removed the copper from my body and took molyb b5 probiotics and I am cured. Why can’t I tell anyone. I thought this was a free country. I guess not.Love and Prayers meema

  7. Kirsty,

    Maybe your itching because of all the antibiotics you’ve been on for 2 years. Just a thought.

  8. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  9. I found your blog by accident, so glad I did! I am a mold sufferer and have also found out I have chronic Lyme. My CD 57 is currently a 32 and my IgM WB popped positive for the Borrelia band. Only 1, so it’s not CDC positive. But, my dr is like…that band is positive for a reason!

    She is not a Lyme literate Dr, but is reading everything she can on it and trying to help. I was on Doxy for a month and my CD 57 dropped. She now has me on Tendamax but I developed a system wide yeast infection. Eriksgirl, your symptoms are exactly what i’m going through, with intense throat pain..on top of my daily symptoms, brought about from the mold exposure and Lyme. Any help you can pass along will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Erik, what are you doing to try to control the yeast? Are you on antibiotics while dealing with it?

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