Oct 102007

Eriksgirl noted a few days ago that my tongue looked pretty white. Normally, that should have registered as a yeast problem, but I never even went and looked for myself. When I was at the doctor the other day they did a mouth culture (I did the swabbing; no mouth violating here 😉 to check for yeast; after looking in the mirror later what was the point of the swab. Regardless, I was shocked when she came back and said I had a yeast problem. I have been taking my probiotic (Acidophilus and Bifidus) correctly, and have been on relatively low doses of antibiotics so I thought the chance of a yeast infection was low. I am left to assume so antibiotics are much worse than others. Regardless, I now have a yeast problem.

Progressing on, the doctor’s office solution was to take a probiotic (already doing that, and a relatively “high dose” one at that) and to prescribe an anti-fungal (Diflucam). I admit that I know very little about the anti-fungals but I seem to recall hearing that they are hard on your liver (and maybe your kidneys). This is above and beyond the issue of cost (which is an issue) and I am about “pilled-out.” What I am doing instead is what worked well in the past. I am opening the probiotic capsule and emptying it in my mouth (it tastes like white flour, so not too bad). The idea is to let the good bacteria take care of the problem (unfortunately, I can’t remember where I heard of the suggestion to do this and give credit). The other thought is that the capsule that I was ingesting wasn’t really helping because the yeast in my mouth would immediately trickle back down. Combining this treatment with cutting out some sugar (e.g. Sunkist Orange, my new vice) should fix the problem without adding a nasty, expensive drug. Of course, I have a few other tricks before having to take the drug, but I really don’t think it will come to that.

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  1. As far as the probiotics I guess I have come a long way from thinking of them as little worms 😉 At this rate I suppose I’ll be taking a homeopathic treatment soon. 😉

  2. Eriksgirl reminded me how well that garlic works on athletes foot, so in that case probably works well against a yeast infection too. Of course we are talking fresh garlic here that you press, which I am not a big fan of, so I will probably not be trying this treatment. Maybe Italians get less yeast infections?

  3. As I go through your comments Erik, I wish you much success with your treatments and have a suggestion for you. I also have MS but have not had a relapse in almost 6 years by switching to a high alkaline/low acidity diet and following the Edgar Cayce regimen. You may want to dabble with it and see if does any good for you. A good website for that is cayce.com or edgarcayce.org where you can follow the true health suggestions for multiple sclerosis. Remember that the treatement does revolve around dieting restrictions but more significantly, the wet cell battery, where a good reading on that would be the book called “hope springs eternal” by mr. atkinson. Good luck in your journey.

  4. Eric,

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    I hope you are doing well with your Lyme disease. I wish you good health.

    By the way Yeast Overgrowth can be treated really well by using natural methods.


    Perry Fields

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