Oct 262007

My attempt to avoid taking the medication failed, and last night I started Diflucan. Originally, I thought I had made some progress since the yeast had gotten better on my tongue, but Eriksgirl noted it had spread to my cheeks. As I had said before there were other natural things to try, but I am too tired to fight. Lets hope the kidneys can hang in there!

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  1. Hi Erik — relatively new reader here… don’t fear diflucan, it really is your friend, unless you have a very weak liver. Lyme and coinfections, plus antibiotics, make the body very susceptible to yeast, so we have to fight it constantly.

    I’m almost finished with my 2nd year of treatment for lyme and coinfections, and much better than when I started.

  2. sending your kidneys positive energy…..

  3. Hrmmm … what kills yeast? Antibiotics and booze …. but you managed to get yourself in a real pickle!

  4. hi erick im not a blogger but ive been reading your blogs b/c i have ms symptoms but not have been diagnosed yet. my doctor is dan hopson and its amazing the things im experienceing that i see similarity in your blogs from3 or 4 years ago. its been difficult dealing with my symptons especially not being diagnosed. can you please give me your honest opinion about dr hopson. my email address is cynthiamtr@verizon.net.

  5. what’s homegirl doin’ all up in your mouth like that? wait……. i don’t even want to know!

  6. Hello, just surfed in from around the net looking for others that have been diagnosed with MS. I was diagnosed Feb of this year. Hang in there Erik.


  7. right now is not a good time for me to read your blog in depth… for the past year, I have been studying GF/CF diet combined with Threelac. See Jenny McCarthy’s book on how she got her son recovered from autism using these tools. MS, I know is an inflammatory disease/condition, and from the vast amount of information online (including an increasing number of solid scientific studies), yeast overgrowth is an under examined possibility of all kinds of inflammatory and gut related disorders. Look on Kinneman vitamins website, they have pharmaceutical grade vitamins, which absorb better. (Especially in cases of gut disorders, which are usually accompanied by nutritional malabsorption problems.) They sell Threelac, which is a powerful probiotic combination not seen in the US (It is manufactured in Japan.)

  8. Taking acidopholis (sp?) can help with yeast infections. You can pick up a bottle at the local wallyworld for a few bucks. They really do help.

    Good luck to you!

  9. Long time since an update. I hope he’s doing alright.

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