Oct 112007

The Flagyl prescription was written strangely noting that it needed to be taken “F, S, S” for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The pharmacy ignored the FSS notation that they did not understand instead of calling the doctor for clarification. I got the medication home and noticed that I have one prescription that I take all week two times a day and one prescription that I take all week three times a day. Fortunately, I remembered that Flagyl was only to be taken 3 times a week (and it helped that taking it everyday I only had 12 days worth of pills). Eriksgirl took it back to the pharmacy (the next day) and they (the pharmacist) were shocked that the evening pharmacist did not call for clarification on the FSS notation. On the plus side we got an immediate $10 refund because of their error. Yeah!

This is certainly a fresh reminder that everyone makes mistakes, and that you need to stay on top of everything. Worse case 12 straight days of Flagyl is a “normal” treatment, and the mistake would have been discovered when I called for a refill.

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