Oct 092007

The long pause in posting has been due to waiting to get into a new doctor. Certainly I was irritated over a couple of the recent things that had gone on with the previous doctor, but mostly I wanted someone closer than Pennsylvania. Close is still a relative term since the new doctor is about five hours away. I knew of this doctor before traveling to PA, he came highly recommended, and many in Dallas go to him; the concern, at the time, was if I had a large herx reaction what do we do, and who do we see since the doctor is so far away (as it turns out there has never been a herx even close to that severe).

Being a first visit I treated it more as a meet and greet (see if we liked him, which we did), and did not have my long list of questions. My big concern was that he agree that I had Lyme, etc., which he did (The hassle of having Lyme and the disease being dismissed all the time makes you a little paranoid), and have a good treatment protocol. He liked the previous protocol I had been on, and he is resuming where the treatment had stopped. He also was happy with the progress that I had made it such a short duration. I’m sure I’ll have have a litany of questions for the next time, like about the symptoms I am having now; but that can wait a month. There have been changes to the medications, but I will have to post those later since the list is not in front of me, and not that interesting.

Side Note: What I never got around to posting was that I never resumed the Levaquin after David’s post (I had only taken one pill as of my post so I wasn’t that into taking the drug again). I was heavily leaning that way anyway, and maybe the comment pushed me over the edge. Regardless, the doctor does not have me on the Levaquin for the current round of treatment; wanting to focus of the Lyme and Babesia for now.

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  1. Finally someone else that is going through the same thing…I am not alone!!! Wheeeeeeeeee
    I have b. borgdorferii and bartonella spp…The neurologist is yelling at me that it is all ‘snake oil’ and to start the Rebif…I’m scared…

  2. If you have Lyme than I would recommend finding a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) in your area and seeing him/her. I wrote about finding a LLMD towards the bottom of this post Regardless, do not be pressured by a doctor. In the end it is your body and you have to live with the consequences of the diagnosis/misdiagnoses. Best of luck!

  3. I agree with them. You should find a suitable doctor than seeing a doctor which only give you headaches. Good luck.

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