Oct 152007

in the most pitiful pathetic tone; insinuating how do I even make it through the day. (Something I am sure far too many readers are aware of) This has long ago leveled off to minimal levels with the MS, but has now resumed with a vengeance with the Lyme. I’m not entirely certain why. I still have the same neurological problems; and, for once, I am getting better. Somehow getting a new diagnoses must mandate an new pity phase. Of course there are two things making this pity phase worse because no one ever knows my full story. At some point the seizures will come up; which will of course mandate a new pity phase. And then they will learn that I use the term Lyme as a loose term for the set of infections I have (Bartonella, Babesia, Lyme/Borrelia); which once again starts the pity all over again. I think I will be long cured before I am treated normally again. Why would anyone this someone would want to be spoken to this way?

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  1. OT Comment

    Apparently today is Blog Action Day something I happened to learn about today through Slashdot. Apparently everyone is supposed to blog about the same topic (this year being the environment) to effect change. While this seems to be more of a Gen Y thing I figured none of my readers really cared that much about my thoughts on the environment – so I spared you. 😉

  2. 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, shuffle to the side and start all over again.

    Pass the pity please, with a helping of kid gloves.

  3. “hey, except for the seizures, i’m doing fine. how about you?”

  4. you really feel that way? you really feel like people are pitying you when they ask how you’re doing? (i guess you do, since you blogged/whined about it.)

    just for the record. when i ask, it’s not because i pity you. it’s because a)i’m nosy and am curious as to what’s working/what’s not/what’s causing more/less issues and b) because i genuinely care.

  5. Seizures can be caused by Lyme. I don’t know if you know that or not. Just wanted to throw that out there…

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