Oct 172007

and yes it really is that red.

The new LLMD prescribed 3000mcg of injectable B12 twice a week to help with the fatigue. I mentioned to him that I had been taking a B100 vitamin. He said that the B12 did not absorb well through the intestines; which I had heard before (but I figured it absorbed some, and it helped, so it was better than nothing, and no one was offing IM B12). Regardless, while I was tired of the fatigue I also was not looking forward to taking a new injection; and the Rebif was at least subcutaneous. An intramuscular injection, in my mind, equated to the tetanus shots that I used to get as a child, which would hurt for a long time. Eventually, I gave myself the injection and a few hours later felt massively better. Better than I have felt in a very long time. The injection also went very well; the first time. Unfortunately, the second time I did the injection it went badly, and I can only assume I did something wrong (at least I hope the tetanus shot pain is not normal). Maybe if I had gotten some B12/IM injection training I would be better (or had been taking Avonex ;-). I did take the second injection in the evening (last night), but today I am once again feeling great, and no nasty side-effects like the Provigil gives me.

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  1. I think I’ll ‘stick’ with my b12 pill form supplements. I’m a lesser fan of the needles, dont-cha-know.

    Perhaps an enema?

    BTW: Tetanus shots now come with Diphtheria and Pertussis (DPT) as well. Triple whammy. It sucks.

  2. Amazing that there is someone that is bigger injection pansy than me! 😉

    I was aware of the DPT. I think the combination was after my childhood. I think they got a sick joy giving them individually.

    Sometimes I think about updating my vaccines but then I would have to get the MMR, and I definitely have enough problems without adding Autism!

  3. i would need to be anesthetized before they’d put that needle into me. yikes! good on you for doing it yourself, you crazy person, you.

  4. –Comment Deleted
    Sometimes I leave a obscene SPAM comment, but this time I choose to delete it. The offer was for stem cell treatment, but the idea that China could be “offering hope and a better quality of life” to anyone seemed a little to obscene for me.

  5. Stephen,
    The needle isn’t that bad. Currently, the needle is a 1 inch (2.54 cm) 22 gauge (it is capped in the picture). The new needle will be 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) and I assume roughly the same gauge. I certainly miss the 29 gauge Rebif needle! 😉 At least this drug makes me feel a lot better within a couple hours!

  6. seb_gonzalez,
    If your aim was not to offend any of the readers or me than why, once again, did you post off-topic spam here. Even if your motives are pure, which I doubt, this is not an appropriate forum. Making your motives less likely to be pure is the fact that you put in a longer spam advertisement for your company. Obviously, the intention is to reach people as well as to alter the indexing of the page on the search engines to reach even more people. How about you spam elsewhere?!

  7. My last post was not off-topic spam, but rather a response to your previous accusations. I was very careful to not at any point write something that might be considered an advertisement. I didn’t so much as give a name, website, or email address that could even be tied to our hospital. As for altering the “indexing of the page on the search engines to reach even more people”, I don’t know the first thing about accomplishing such a thing. Either way, I believe you have denied yourself and your readers a valuable opportunity to learn more about a topic that will surely one day affect one of you. Should one day you change your mind, I would be more than happy to speak with you again, and in any forum you wish.

  8. spam

  9. I understand that B12 absorbs just as well sub-lingually as it does through injection. I have no reference for that, other than “a nutritionist told me”. (I might add that he had no financial incentive with providing me with any information)

    The sublingual tablets I’ve had experice with are tiny and powdery so they can disolve under the tongue.

  10. Is it more difficult than giving yourself allergy shots? I found this very interesting! Something I would be willing to try. Did and LLMD give it to you? Why is it red?

  11. it sounds to me like you have a pernicious anemia which means you have to get these shots for the rest of your life since your body can’t properly digest b12 which leads to iron deficiency -> anemia -> lack of oxygen in blood stream -> damage to the nervous system (if it remains untreated) when you give yourself an IM shot (should be once every 1-2 weeks) make sure to disinfect the area you are going to puncture first with disinfectants (wait for one minute after disinfecting and don’t touch the area) and also to completely relax your muscle. when you are relaxed you will feel nothing, when you are strained it will hurt a lot (which is why people with syringe phobia always feel a lot of pain from injections)

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