Sep 162007

I’ve now seen the doctor following the second EEG. The most notable thing was that the seizures were not of the type he was expecting, and are originating deep within the brain. The seizure type is Primary Generalized for those really interested. Of note the drugs I am taking are not effective against that type so I have begun the switch to Topamax; which carries the nice side-effect of a little weight loss (and the negative of an increased risk of kidney stones). The neuro still believes that the seizures are caused by a brain lesion; just one very deep. He still says it is possible that I could heal, and not need the medication; but the focus needs to be on finding an anti-seizure drug I am comfortable with and can take long term. He also seemed to be less enthusiastic about being able to stop the drugs, but did consider it a possibility. I have not been able to get through to my Lyme doctor, more on that later, so I don’t know what his take on the seizure pathology.

I also asked about weaning off of the Ambien since I noted that I had a seizure the day after suddenly stopping the medication. He agreed that, in my case, I needed to wean off, but since I wasn’t having any ill effects from the Ambien CR he wanted to wait until the Topamax was at full dose. Seems reasonable.

I also asked if the EEG induces a seizure does that extend the time without a license. He said no, what they are looking for is seizures under normal conditions. That is very good news, though from reading the EEGs I don’t think I am at too high of a risk to seize from one.

Speaking of the EEGs I have both of the reports, and they read worse than an MRI radiology report. Maybe I will get around to posting a copy of them, but I would think they would be less interesting than the MRI reports; which are probably not that interesting. I am going to try and get a copy of the EEG, and the brain waves would probably be a lot more interesting.

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  1. Wow Erik, Sorry to hear your having seizures like this and no affirmative answer. I hope your Lyme doc can give some more info.

  2. yeah, cool, let’s see your brain waves!

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