Sep 082007

I started having significant pain (Level >7) in my right-toe shortly after starting the Levaquin. I’d had the problem before and thought this was just a sign that the Levaquin was doing its job. Unfortunately, on going to the doctor he said that it is not Lyme, but Gout. I was in disbelief for a while that I have one more problem; but with the area being red and swollen it seemed to make sense. Interestingly I had let myself run out of B100, and had not taken one in a couple of weeks. Now I wonder if my body requires the B100 to control the uric acid. Between the Hydrocodone for pain and the 500mg of Naproxen for the swelling I was doing better pretty quickly. Most interesting is that the Gout explains all of the joint pain meaning the Lyme has hit me 100% neurologically. So far the B100 and Vitamin C I take seem to help with the Gout, hopefully it can be controlled with those, a better diet, and drinking more.

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  1. I have since seen my normal family-practice doctor to see his thoughts on the gout. He normally wants to prescribe a uric acid lowering drug. My problem with that, other than I am already on more drugs that I am comfortable with, is that I think your body gets “addicted” to the drug and if you stop you will immediately relapse. We’ll stick with the B100+C+Diet for now.

  2. Holy crap. Gout? What are you, eating at jewish delis all week?

  3. mdmhvonpa,
    I know this may come as a shock to someone in PA, but Texas is not exactly crawling with Jewish delis. 😉 Probably because of the shortage of Jews. On the other hand we have a ton of Mexicans, and thus plenty of “Mexican delis.” 😉

    In reality I don’t get the gout diagnosis that much. Certainly I eat fairly beef heavy dinners, but my lunch is almost always PB&J and breakfast is at best cereal. You’d think I was living the Atkins diet!

  4. Mmmmmmmm…. Mexican food sounds so great right now!!

    mdmhvonpa, you mean eating your dream diet?? 🙂 Only in his dreams. Sadly, I am not the best cook, so poor guy gets a little more hotdog/bologna than is usually recommended. 🙂

  5. LOL … processed meat, manna of the modern age.

    We usually get Kosher Dogs from Hebrew National. They are more expensive, but I have a pretty good idea what goes in there. The Haupertonian Manor is a Scrapple Free Zone.

  6. mdmhvonpa,
    Wow, Scrapple. I’ve only known of its existence for a couple of years. I think only a Yankee (and then I guess only a damn yankee from the north-east at that) would eat that garbage, probably why it is basically unheard of in Texas.

  7. what the heck is scrapple????

    is it the jewish version of mexican mole?

  8. ~holly

    Scrapple is not even remotely kosher, and is not a Jewish dish. Just some nasty Yankee garbage.

    Scrapple is a filthy dish of reject meat combined together to form a meal/meatloaf (having never actually seen one)? I am not sure there is a corollary in another ethnic group’s meals, but if there is it would probably be a Cajun dish.

    I would eat Lutefisk (I suppose my Norwegian genes make me less averse) and would not touch Scrapple with a 10 foot pole!

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