Sep 262007

I detest writing about Glyconutrients, but they seem to keep coming up. Unfortunately, there was a recent comment made here, and my reply right below.

Interesting timing but there was a good comment buried deep in the blog that occurred right after the above drama (here is the link to the comment if the glyco drama interests you): glyconutrients is a made up term. After doing a quick search I think there was a typo in the doctor she recommended. I think she meant Dr. Ray Sahelian, and his site is here: After a quick look it seems like a pretty good herbal site. Thanks to Dr. Megan for her comment and reference.

  2 Responses to “Glyconutrient Garbage Redux”

  1. Just reply back and tell them that Elvis is your primary physician and he said to go with peanut-butter and bananna with marshmallow!

  2. and deep fried! That should all be fine for the Gout too!!

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