Aug 102007

As a little bit of a background on my prescription insurance: I either pay 10% or $25 for a drug; whichever is more. When I went to pickup the Malarone Walgreens did not have enough in stock so I go about a weeks worth. This cost $25. I then went back after a couple of days when they got the rest of the Malarone. Unfortunately, this was again another co-pay of about $28 (apparently the 10% was a little more). What should have happened, if I had gotten it all together, would have been a co-pay of around $32. I tried explaining this to the clerk at Walgreens, and that I should get a credit for what I already paid. Of course this concept was way beyond her mental scope, and after she went and talked to the pharmacist (or tech) we got a lecture about how our insurance worked (shockingly she was wrong). Ultimately, we had to concede defeat because I was on the verge of an aneurysm. I know co-pays and higher math like addition and percentages can be complicated (what did we do before computers, and in hindsight couldn’t her job be replaced by a robot or fancy ATM); but maybe I should blame the public school system.

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  1. And of course the very next time I went to fill a prescription (Azithromycin) it happened again. Of course it was the same clerk and she said they only had 10 of the 30 pills. She was shocked when I told her I would wait until the next day when the rest would arrive. The cost difference was about $15, and it saved me from battling another aneurysm arguing with her.

  2. You need to draw pictures for these people. Show them a pile of 40 pills costs you 32$ but if you had to pay for EACH pill on it’s own, it would be $25×40 = $1,000.

    Guess who gets the surplus change of 960$.

  3. Ghaaa … 1000-32=960!??

    I bow my head in shame.

  4. I’ve been using Costco pharmacy, and I’ve found their prices to be the most reasonable. When they can’t fill my entire order, they bill the insurance company for the entire order, charge me my regular co-pay (or the entire amount of insurance won’t pay), and put an I-owe-you in the computer for the number of pills they still need to give me. Two days later, I pick up the rest, and the I-owe-you is cleared.

  5. Anonymous,
    Thanks, though there is not a costco anywhere near me. Usually I use the Kroger pharmacy and they are very good about this, and I’ve heard from others that CVS is good (unfortunately, CVS does not take my insurance)

  6. to paraphrase bob dylan, you’re gonna have to blame someone.

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