Aug 082007

Today was bandage change day at the doctors office. Usually a fairly quick process because they just clean and re-tape everything back down. The process takes about five minutes. Normally, I am in-and-out because the PICC maintenance is separated from the general practice. Today it was a two hour wait to be seen. From other things the medical assistant said there were only 5 people in front of me up until that point. By my math that should be less than an hour assuming we all got there at the same time. Certainly some people, myself included, were starting a new drug today; but the medical assistant never stays in there during the drip so it really doesn’t add to the time. Of course getting the new medication took more time that it should have too because she had to go and figure out which medication I needed to start taking. Overall, the visit which should have taken 30-45 minutes ended up taking 3 hours. I may never understand why doctors, and their offices, run so slow. At least with the doctor (which set a family record wait of 3 hours) visits the patient for an hour, or more.

  3 Responses to “Record Setting Slow”

  1. After the 1st hour, I would have laid on the floor and commenced moaning “I’m dying … I’m dying …”

  2. I should have brought the kids. No one would/could have made me wait that long with the kids there. Plus, there is something in the air at that office that makes the youngest one go nuts. She alone could have broken everyone there!

  3. not my baby girl sarah!

    3 hours??????????? did you finish your novel?

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