Aug 072007

I am now wrapping up my final days of IV Clindamycin. For this medication the doctor normally starts at 300mg and then jumps to 600 and 900mg. Since I was doing “so well” he started me at 600mg, and then bumped me to 900 after a week. I think his caution was because the Clindamycin really hit him hard (and I guess other too), but overall it does not impact me nearly as much as the Rocephin. This could be a result of the drug and/or it could be that I progressed so far on the Rocephin. I am leaning towards the former. Looking it up it doesn’t look like it crosses the blood-brain barrier well (Cleocin Phosphate/Clindamycin), and since my symptoms have been mostly neurological the blood-brain barrier issue is the most likely cause for the reduction in Herx reactions. I will be switching in a couple of days to another drug (can’t remember the name, and that is with the memory improving ;-), and as I recall the new one will cross the blood-brain barrier. I suppose a good one to end the IV therapy.

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  1. Sue, the Veterinarian that has consulted with us was awmosee.We phoned on Monday morning after noticing our kitty wasn’t well. Her staff managed to get us in ASAP to try to figure out what was wrong. With a few procedures over the course of a couple of days to figure out this illness puzzle (blood test and 2 X-rays and enema and a last resort, exploratory surgery). Sue discovered that our poor girl had an aggressive case of Sue went WAY out of her way to help us with our girl. Even though it was an unhappy end for our little Cassidy, Sue was gentle with our feelings when she recommended that we put Cassidy to sleep. She offer us a hug and afterwards told us to go home because she would take care of her when we left. No decisions needed to be made until we were ready.If you have a pet that is unwell I would trust Sue with my pets again and again.She is the utmost in professional but the kindest person to your pets (family members). She knows her stuff, took the time to explain the results to me and took me in private to show me the x-rays and during the surgery to show why she suggested what to do. Even though my Cassidy is gone I am glad I had gentle hands that took care of my little girl.

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