Aug 092007

The CD-57 went from a 63 to a 51. A 12 point hit wasn’t the vote of improvement I was hoping to see. Of course there are a number of reasons that I can think of to cause this, and it is just possible that it fluctuates during the treatment process.

  • I took a medication that didn’t cross the blood-brain barrier for a month. This could have resulted in significant Lyme growth in the brain. On the other hand I would think that Lyme wouldn’t exert that much of an immuno-suppressive force from the brain.
  • I stopped the Buhner protocol for a month because I failed to reorder the treatment. These treatments would have crossed the blood-brain barrier, and helped. I have resumed them now.
  • I read somewhere that a low CD-57 was not caused by Lyme alone, but required co-infections. It is possible that the treatment of the Babesia has caused a hit in the CD-57; and hopefully for a longer term gain.

The medical assistant that was doing the bandage change, etc. (yes, the one that took 3 hours) said that the important thing is to be feeling better (Her’s, as I recall, is a 17 after years of on and off treatment). While I am feeling better, and I agree that is important, it is most important that I get better. Of course CD-57 counts aren’t that well understood in Lyme, and their significance is therefore hard to measure; maybe I put too much of an emphasis on this one test. Regardless, this does make me want to take the Cat’s Claw to bump the numbers; plus if Lyme is suppressing this immune cell than I high could must be good for treatment.

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