Aug 062007

It was certainly clear that I had Bartonella as a co-infection with Lyme because of the Rash. Babesia seemed a little more tricky to diagnose since some of the symptoms are similar to those of Lyme. Unfortunately, as a protozoa, and living within red blood cells, normal antibiotics were not going to take care of this infection (Buhner, 2005 , p179). Fortunately, the assumption was made that I had Babesia and treatment started with Malarone. In reading, I am like a poster-boy for Babesia symptoms:

The symptoms of babesia infection generally include a vague sense of imbalance, headache, fatigue, anorexia, muscle and joint pain [I’ve had minimal of this], feelings of chest compression, shortness of breath, chills/fever, nausea, malaise, and drenching sweats. If the lungs become involved, cough is sometimes present. (Buhner, 2005 , p179)

Some of the symptoms explain some of the conditions I have been suffering from for quite a while. My lack of appetite (anorexia) has been a more recent problem (last few months), and I have to “force” myself to eat. The sweats, notably at night, I had just written off as having too many covers on; and who don’t have a hot flash almost every day. The shortness of breath I wrote about before, and is getting better. Usually, the shortness of breath would accompany a semi-mild activity such as climbing the stairs. Most noticeably, and has been going on quite a while, was when talking on the phone and I felt like I did not have the energy, or breath, to “push” out the words (extremely unpleasant).

Malarone has certainly helped some with the symptoms, but after a month treatment I am still having problems with all of the major symptoms. The major symptom noticeable from Malarone treatment was the exacerbation of my cough; which has been getting progressively better. Today, as doctor ordered (and took a little while to be delivered), I am now taking 400mg of Artemisinin (200mg in the morning and evening). The most noticeable effect after taking the Artemisinin was a very noticeable surge in the cough. Does the drop-off in the Malarone indicate that it was no longer effective, is it just the advantage to adding a new drug, or is Artemisinin that much more effective. On a positive note Buhner calls for a 400mg dose of Artemisinin for 30-40 days (p. 184); so I am hopeful between the two drugs I will be done with Babesia soon.

Buhner S. H. (2005). Healing Lyme: natural healing and prevention of lyme barreliosis and its coinfections. Vermont: Raven Press.

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  1. Hi Erik,

    I sympathise with you totally. I was miraculously healed 12 years ago, when I developed a DVT! The IV heparin that I received CURED me. The Drs said ‘That couldn’t happen’, but now i’ve just found, THAT IT DID HAPPEN! Look at ‘Growth-Inhibitory effect of heparin on Babesia’, on Yahoo, heparin kills babesia very quickly. I noticed a rapid improvement in about 10 minutes of starting the IV heparin.

    God Bless you.


  2. My Dr in South America said that antimalarials work by immune suppression, so if you have babesia but also have Borrelia and other co-infections it is not good to suppress more the IS right/ my Dr said his advice was to take “anthelmintics” these are antiparasitics of all kinds, from garlic and pinneaple to stronger meds like Metronidazole, Tindamax or ivermectin. My Drs choice was ivermectin because other like Albendazole have shown to hurt the central Nervous system. I get the Ivermectina in my home country here in the US it is called Stromectol and come sin pills; the horse version is very good and the cow version called Ivomec is even better. Artemisinin is also antimalarial so to speak… I’ve done multiple blogs with this ideas in case they might help others, so I want to share them with you and your people, Hope you get better,

  3. How are you doing as of 2017 sir?

    Im suffering please send me some info.

    Thanks, Chris

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