Jul 032007

I’ve seen additional improvement since the last time so the antibiotics are working. My liver and spleen are back to a normal size. My balance is at normal levels (standing with eyes closed and walking toe-heel backwards). My Lymph nodes in my neck are also back to normal; which would be less Lyme die-off (Optimist: So much has been killed that there isn’t much left to kill; Pessimist: The antibiotics aren’t working well and there is less Lyme die off. Since they were swollen before treatment I’ll go with the optimist). Last my eye tracking has returned back to normal (follow the finger without moving your head).

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  1. i’m in the optimist camp as well. good news – progress! after all you’ve been thru with this, it’s about time.

  2. how ar you doing today? i hope well.
    take care.

  3. Just wanted to let you know about two resources re: MS and Lyme overlap. Take care.

    ***Highly recommended: DVD of talk from Dr. Steven Phillips presented at the University of New Haven, on the connection between chronic Lyme and MS. Ordering info (scroll halfway down).

    *A paper on geostatistical overlap here.

  4. Sorry, not sure what went wrong in previous post.

    DVD of Dr. Phillips (ordering info) is at:

    Other resource is a paper by M. Blewett at:

  5. Hey there Erik,

    I was dianosed with Lyme five months ago, and I had it six years ago but was supposedly cured. I’m really glad you’re taking the optimist approach!

    Keep your spirits up!


  6. Hi Erik, I just stumbled onto your blog and found it very comforting if you have ever heard that before? I have chronic Lyme and evry once in awhile I try to update my knowledge from various sources, and I always seem to learn the most from people who have it and are experiencing all
    of the issues involved, including “being your own doctor/medical detective and trying to understand what is happening to your own body and then trying to help your family and friends “get it”. Your information sounds so much like my ordeal and I would like to hear from you sometime if possible. I pray your treatment helps and gives you your life back. I know you have been through a long journey and its not over yet so all of my positive thoughts are with you.

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