Jun 062007

Image of the "PICC" line in left arm
Certainly long overdue the treatment has now begun, and while I may not find IV antibiotics the ideal it is how we are proceeding for now. A “PICC” line was inserted, but only 25cm worth (so not a true PICC line that goes almost to the heart), and so the line ends about at my shoulder. The line didn’t hurt going in, but ripping that tape off when they change the dressing does hurt (I should have shaved my arm first!). The first round of antibiotics is 2g of Rocephin. The doctor said he modulates the antibiotic about every two weeks. I get to go home with 6 days worth, and on the seventh day I have to go back for a dressing change and then to restock my supply. I don’t really know what to expect as far as Herx reactions, but so far I feel fine (but it is still pretty early in the treatment).

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  1. ooog – thanks for the picture. i need to go lie down now…..

  2. CYBORG!

  3. Hi There,
    What is the reason that your DR has you on IV rocephin, in relation to the MS? I also have a picc line as my veins are far too damaged for an IV and I take the 1000mg of prednisone IV x 5 days honestly I think I”d rather chew my own arm off before going having to do that treatment again (sigh) God Bless you and I hope you begin to feel well soon! Bella

  4. CYBORB, cool! -well except the Borg, they aren’t so cool. 😉

  5. Betta Lynne,
    The IV is for Lyme; I was misdiagnosed. This is my new treatment for a while. I have huge veins, and for Stephen’s benefit they used an 18 gauge needle.

  6. You can make a donation at: http://www.msreadathon.org.au/member/?HPID=153701

    I’m sorry for you Erik.

  7. Anonymous,
    No reason to be sorry. I doing well and chugging along. Good to be correctly diagnosed!

  8. so, can you feel the line in there?

  9. time for a new picture, dude.

  10. I just got my picc in yesterday. Today I’m very sore and my underarm is killing me. Hope ur treatment goes good I start mine today

  11. I have had MS for 35 years now and the PICC Line is a saver for me!
    Solumedrol ruined my veins in both arms, so I have to have a PICC line. Besides the Morphine gets working faster this way. May God Bless us all! Hugh

  12. Went through the same thing… Had it in for 11 months with Rocephin. Saw such a difference! You can do it!

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