Jun 212007

Old news, but the latest “testing” after one week of antibiotics (with the caveat that I had started the Buhner protocol over a month ago which certainly helped significantly – I’ll write about that later) is that I am making significant progress. My spleen and liver are almost back to normal size. Most significantly I can stand with feet together and eyes closed indefinitely without losing my balance. Before treatment I couldn’t stand more than about a second in that position before toppling. Additionally, I can now walk toe-to-toe without falling.

I had one day where I felt really good, and back to normal. Most days I just feel drained and blah. Most of the problems have been mental with fatigue, etc. I suspect there is a limit to the neurological issues since Rocephin does not cross the blood-brain barrier very well, and will get worse with a new antibiotic. There has been a recent resurfacing of some joint problems in my foot. I assume that this is related to Lyme die-off in that area.


  4 Responses to “Progress Being Made”

  1. Cured eh!? Curse you!

    But really, congrats on the misdiagnoses. It sounds like you are well on your way to being ‘normal’ again … whatever that is.

  2. I’m not sure I even remember what normal is, but feeling better certainly is good!

  3. good news. and good on you for keeping after all of this.

  4. A stranger from the outside looking in on this every once in a while, got the MS diagnosis just this year but it’s been really weak as far as symptoms, lesions etc. Interestingly I had ticks often as a child (often in the skull) so will keep your blog in my mind as I start down this road. Thanks for the blog, Erik (and Eriksgirl!) It shares so much more than the official sites do. 🙂

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