Jun 282007

Well my CD-57 has increased to a 63 in the latest lab results (technically in the “normal” range per LabCorp). That is 17 up from my initial score. The doctor said that is good since many people take a 20 point hit when they start antibiotics (of course the Buhner protocol probably had a positive impact so we’ll see next month). Per the doctor, the goal is to maintain a triple-digit score off of antibiotics. I asked why the CD-57 is low in Lyme; the doctors answer was that the Lyme suppresses the production of that immune cell and they are used up fighting Lyme lowering. I guess is it good news, but 17 points with about 240 doesn’t sound real good. I’ll be tested monthly so we’ll see again next month.

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  1. You might not think it sounds good on a whole, but that is a giant leap from what it was. That’s an improvement that sounds really good to me! Way to go Erik!

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