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or as I refer to them-Cell Wall Deficient form (CWD).

The CWD form of bacteria, and Lyme CWD, presents a very difficult form to treat (of course Lyme Cyst form is difficult to treat too) with conventional courses of antibiotics. While the specifics of the CWD form are a bit over my head, the idea is that the bacteria cell wall changes (I think into just a peptide wall) and can now move into and live within a human cell. CWD Lyme is another form that the bacteria can change into as a defensive measure to escape antibiotics, etc., and one that is difficult to treat because it typically resides within another cell. There is a treatment option that works well for this, but maybe another day.

What I find most interesting about CWD is that it offers a very compelling explanation for all autoimmune diseases. The reason for this is that when the CWD bacteria is living within a host cell the immune system treats the host’s cell as an invader. Using Multiple Sclerosis as an example the CWD bacteria living within Myelin would trigger an autoimmune response against the infected Myelin. Of course this isn’t something that your read on the National MS site (my searches yielded nothing from them); though it is something being studied. To me this seems like a very reasonable explanation as to why your body just suddenly turns against itself. Of course why would companies be interested in looking into something that can be cured with a couple of years of low-dose, cheap, oral antibiotics. If CWD bacteria is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis than it would explain the different disease courses (different strains of the mystery bacteria, and severity based on how far the disease has spread), and it would also mean that the disease modifying therapies (e.g. Rebif, Avonex, Tysabri, etc.) while suppressing the immune response are actually making the infection work. CWD bacteria as a cause would explain why people respond well to Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). “A different bacteria, operating on similar principles, seems to be the organic cause of multiple sclerosis, says Dr. Hoekstra. It’s tentative name–not yet widely accepted by other microbiologists–is Borrelia mylophora, so named because its characteristics seem to resemble those of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria believed responsible for Lyme disease.”ref.

The reason that Lyme may be called the “Great Imitator” is because it isn’t that different than the cause of many autoimmune diseases (e.g. ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.)

More information on the “Stealth Pathogens”:

  • ALS2Lyme
  • New ideas about the cause, spread and therapy of Lyme Disease
  • Book: Cell Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens, Third Edition by Lida H. Mattman PhD. (I’m not interested in the book since it is a technical reference way too complex for me. I think the intro to the book is here) [Also, I think the author was nominated for a Nobel prize for her work on stealth pathogens]
  • New Pathways. Stealth Pathogens are mentioned, but not much said.

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  1. FYI: The treatment for CWD form bacteria is the Marshall Protocol. The key is reducing Vitamin D levels, but, as I said, more in a future post.

  2. You’ve referred several times to Rebif et al “suppressing” the immune system. As I understand it (from when I researched whether I should go on the meds or not), they do not suppress the immune system, they moderate it–that is, make it a hyperactive immune system behave more normally. I haven’t seen any increase in colds or other infections since being on the drug, although I’m really negligent about avoiding germs. (Rather the opposite: I kind of think I should give my immune system something useful to do–handling the usual environmental challenges–rather than attacking my brain.)

  3. GJ,
    When I say immune suppression I do not mean a systemic reduction in immune system functionality (though that is certainly possible with the drugs, they just don’t know). From Rebif’s literature: “The specific interferon-induced proteins and
    mechanisms by which interferon beta-1a exerts its effects in multiple sclerosis have not been fully defined.”

    One of the mechanisms thought to induce its effects is the strengthening of the blood-brain barrier thus reducing the amount of T-Cells (etc.) passing through to the brain. If fewer immune cells go through the blood-brain barrier because that pathway is hindered I would say that the immune system is suppressed. As an example, this was fatal in some cases in the Tysabri trials when combined with other immune suppressing drugs. Other treatments work by targeting the Myelin specific antibodies. Overall the idea is to prevent the immune cells from reaching the brain. If the immune system is hindered or limited in some way (good or bad) I would say that the immune system has been suppressed.

    I hope this clarifies my position, and why I think that Rebif was the wrong drug to take since I had Lyme (and would not be good for CWD infections). Of course the Solu-Medrol that I took for the exacerbations was probably much worse!

    Hope all is going well!

  4. There is a chemical biologist in England who treats his wife’s MS with loads of antibiotics. His name is David Wheldon, but I thought the approach was quite interesting. He also believes that the virus that causes MS is hiding within other cells of the body. I still see antibiotics as suppressing the immune system, but as you said in a far more economical manner, but doing any of that for years straight is frightening to me.

  5. Interesting you mention this. I’ve been hearing a lot about people using antibiotic therapy for rheumatic and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus (The Road Back Foundation is the organization I hear most about).

    I go back and forth between considering this as a viable option for my autoimmune disease. Right now, I’ll stick with traditional treatment, but I definitely will not rule out antibiotic therapy. I’ll have to look into the Marshall protocol–they seem to be based on the same general idea (CWD bacteria).

  6. This is kinda off the subject, but I was wondering if any of you have ever heard of or used the Kellner Protocol for ms. I was looking for any feedback!

  7. This is all too confusing to me. I have MS and just accept my neurologists advice, and hope for a cure. Tysabri is exciting and due for release in Australia in the next couple of weeks. See ya, Jen

  8. MMS (chlorine dioxide is claimed to be a non-toxic killer of L-form bacteria as well as an efficient chelator of heavy-metals thought to be a cause of L-form infection.
    Commenhts? Si

    • To Anonymous March 23 2008

      Are u serious with this non-toxic killer look with wiki sey
      I know how bacteria is a reason of MS but am looking the way to clean calls in safe way 😉

  9. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the comment on MMS. I have not heard of this therapy, and will have to look into it.

  10. HI Erik I’m Paul from Baltimore, and I found this webpage by chance.I went to thailand 5 yrs ago,and have been experiencing almost the exact same symptoms that you describe.I have a severe burning sensation from the front to the back of my uro-genitary area.

  11. Hi Erik, found our webpage just now. I also have MS (since 1991), main symptoms are drop-foot and poor balance. A month ago I started the MP-treatment (Marshall Protocol) and very much would like to connect with people in corresponding or similar situation. Are you familiar with any network etc? Best regards, Ellen

  12. Hi Eric, Just found Ellen’s comment. Would love to communicate with her…………..Dian

  13. I wouldn’t just blame your symptoms on Lyme or MS alone. Most people with Lyme and MS are really suffering the ill effects of exposure to ‘electrosmog’. I’m not saying infections aren’t involved (I have Lyme myself), but rather that the bacteria respond to this unnatural radiation and produce more toxins upon exposure, not to mention that the human immune system gets confused in the presence of artificial electromagnetic radiation. Cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone and wifi towers and antennas…compare the symptoms of Lyme and MS to those of electrosensitivity/microwave sickness…they are identical.

    Electro Hypersensitivity – Talking to Your Doctor

    German Doctors Unite on RF Health Effects:

  14. Mms is awesome… It helps many people with Lyme as well as
    ms.. If works by stealing an electron from the pathogen
    which makes it die.. But I’m wondering how that wouldbe possible
    in a bacteria without a cell wall … Especially if it’s living
    in one of the immune system cells?
    I’m trying to find info on this…

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