Apr 122007

It has been a while since I have updated the list of symptoms that I have been battling with so here are the recent problems:

  • Blurry Vision (more near sighted, and worse in the morning). This has actually plagued me since the last round of Solu-Medrol. I am assuming that the Solu-Medrol immune suppression is what impacted my eyes. Alternatively, it is possible that an elevated 1,25-D (special Vitamin D) is causing the problem; I’ll have to write on that later.
  • Foot Pain (the second of the big two). Fortunately this recently went away. For a while it was just my right foot (peaked at level 6/10 pain), and more of a tendon pain. It briefly went to both feet being pain in the soles (peaked at level 1-2/10 pain), but only lasted a couple of days.
  • Tremor. Has been doing better, but noticed it was a little worse when typing this.
  • Etc. There have been a number of smaller things come and go too.

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