Mar 122007

I received the test results back from MD Lab today (finally!), and the C6 Peptide by ELISA came back positive. Of course, all other tests, including the Western Blot, came back negative (The lab sheets are borderline illegible. When I get a copy of the hopefully legible mailed report I will post that.). I have now completed the first phase to get a positive test for Lyme so onto phase 2.

Phase 2 – Treatment:
I have an appointment on Wednesday with an infectious disease doctor to discuss the Lyme/treatment. Hopefully he is skilled in Lyme, and can treat me. Secondarily, am I going to be able to get the insurance to pay for long duration antibiotics. I guess one thing at a time, and more news on Wednesday.


  3 Responses to “Positive for Lyme!”

  1. Erik, Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Will this just define the rash or possibly much more? When do you suppose you got bitten? So many questions that can be answered in your next post if you like. How are YOU doing?

  2. one mystery solved, but probably more lined up right behind. what does this mean in terms of your ms dx/treatment?

  3. I’m glad you were diagnosed with Lyme. I saw that rash and knew it was a Bartonella rash. I have Bartonella and get that rash once in a while.

    Many people who have Lyme are first diagnosed with MS (because most of the doctors out there aren’t as great as they could be. When they can’t find anything wrong, they just start diagnosing people with whatever). This is the reason why many people who have Lyme think they have Lupus, MS, fibromylagia, and many other things. Maybe you don’t have MS after all.

    I hope you have a good doctor that knows what he’s doing when it comes to Lyme. Most of the time, it’s best to find an LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) to treat your lyme and co-infections. Most regular doctors don’t know anything about co-infections.

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