Mar 162007

Pardon my flippant title, it’s more of an Eriksgirl style. This is my first post on his blog!

The doctor stood us up again. Luckily Erik hadn’t driven to Plano yet, but I had!!! The receptionist called to say he was having a meeting with his au pair today at the time he was meeting us. That’s right, day two of au pair issues!! SHE LIVES WITH HIM! He was supposedly coming in just to see us for the day.. makes me wonder couldn’t he meet her at 3pm? WHATEVER!!

We are going today, and I told Erik I am planning on calling before I drive out there. (Gas is $2.39 per gallon.) He said the receptionist advised it.

We have an appointment with a doc in PA in a few weeks.

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  1. Thats unbelievable! What the heck is going on with him? Good luck for the next appointment.

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