Mar 142007

Eriksgirl went to the doctor’s office yesterday and got a better copy of the MDLab results to take to the infectious disease doctor today (rather than having a hard to read fax of a fax). The only difference is that you can now make out (barely) the positive in the abnormal column for the “Lyme Disease C6 Peptide by ELISA.” Also interesting is that I test negative for Bartonella, though I do get a Bartonella rash (^%$# Tests/Lab). I am sure I could get a positive Western Blot if I went to IGeneX, but I would prefer not to spend the money (and I will probably end up anemic if they draw any more blood ;-). Results:

  3 Responses to “Lab Results Uploaded”

  1. Time for a second opinion … mistakes can be made.

  2. mdmhvonpa,
    I am a little slow this morning…second opinion for the Bartonella? I think it is just evidence that the tests for Lyme suck. I now have the positive I need to be treated for Lyme, and evidence of a BLO co-infection so that should be more than enough to treat that one. Now I just need to find a doctor who can handle it.

  3. We are getting second opinions on how to proceed. Do you mean a second opinion on the blood result? It’s hard to get a positive when you are positive. The only other test I could see doing is the Western Blot through IgeneX if the doctor wants it. It is $190 for that test alone.

    We don’t want a mistake either. I would appreciate you clarifying what you mean. I value your opinion!

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