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There was an anonymous post pointing out that my back rash looks a lot like a Bartonella rash. For some reason this older comment never seemed to prod me to investigate more, but it should have. Regardless, I read some of the paper, and agree that it is possible that I have Bartonella; especially in light of seeming some of the pictures here. Historically, I have had significant foot/sole pain when I wake up in the morning, and then the pain gets progressively better as I progress through the day.

Originally I thought I would only have Bartonella and not Lyme since I had been tested for Lyme. Upon reading more a negative test for Lyme is not necessarily conclusive (and I supposes a positive one isn’t either). In that case I suppose it is likely that if I am positive for Bartonella than I am most likely also positive for Lyme. I suppose I should have done more research into the Lyme test rather than assuming that it definitely ruled out an infection. More curious, if I am positive for these infections, is where I got infected by a tick. I certainly did plenty of hiking, in the woods, when I was young; but that was >10 years before my diagnosis.

Regardless, I need to return back to the doctor and get some additional tests done. I certainly don’t want to be treating the wrong disease. On the other hand I don’t like the unknown, and I’ve been franticly trying to get up to speed on Lyme, and the related tick born diseases, to ease my worry. I will probably schedule a neurologist appointment sometime next week to discuss this, and how to best proceed.


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  1. “Regardless, I need to return back to the doctor and get some additional tests done. I certainly don’t want to be treating the wrong disease.”

    It’s like you have MS or something!


  2. There certainly is nothing constant or regular with MS. It’s almost like a multiple personality type of disorder. I refuse to call is a disease until it is proved to be viral or bacterial related. There are lots of leanings in that direction and this is one of those highly infectious times of year. I also know that there’s lots of fatigue and vertigo going on with some of us right now. Happy to hear that things are improving for you!

  3. I agree with mouse. I think MS is a syndrome.

    The causes of demyelination may be many.

  4. Hi Erik,

    I discovered this website (http://www.msreversed.com/) quite by accident and wondered what you might think of it. I’m not endorsing it by any means, just curious.



  5. Looking at those pictures you would think they just had stretch marks! Good luck with this…it can be so frustrating not know what IS actually going on. I wish you the best. Take care.


  6. Mouse,
    I agree with MS just being a syndrome, and I think most researchers do too. Especially since they think that there are at least 3 different diseases that are currently lumped together as Multiple Sclerosis.

  7. Greg,
    I have not looked at that site, but my brief glances seemed to suggest that MS can be cured through proper diet and correct supplements. If that is the case than I will have to disagree. On the other hand I do think that some supplements (e.g. B vitamins) are especially important for people with Multiple Sclerosis. I would also agree that a healthy diet is also very important.

  8. Jaime,
    I agree that some look like stretch marks. I also highly suspect the I have had some of those marks on my arms near some existing stretch marks (and the stretch marks are certainly from my large biceps! ;-). Unfortunately, I ignored them then and there are no pictures.

  9. Please look up pictures of bartonella rashes. Yours looks just like them.

    Additional symptoms include sore soles of feet, enlarged lymph nodes (check neck, armpits, groin area) and many others.

    Lyme is often misdiagnosed as MS. Lyme testing is not accurate and it is a clinical diagnosis.

    Please request you MD use Igenex lab in Ca. for Lyme testing. Have them do a Western Blot Igg and Igm as the Elisa misses over 70% of positive cases.

    There is a symptom list on a canadian lyme disease internet site that is pretty comprehensive.

    Check it out. Know that Lyme and MS have many symptoms that over lay each other.

    I am not a medical doctor and am not trying to diagnose you, just lead you to some information that may be helpful.

    Do a search on bartonella rashes and then look at your picture.

    There is nothing constant or regular with Lyme either.

    Especially if you have co-infections like bartonella.


  10. Mary,
    Thank you. The Western Blot from LabCorp came back negative – no surprise. I am trying MDLab is NJ at the recommendation of the Tick Borne Disease Center which is covered by insurance. If that fails I will then proceed with the out of pocket expense of Igenex.

    Thank you!

  11. Vitamins alone cannot get rid of this stuff! Good grief.

    BTW I have a good friend who has MS and has to deal with all of the comments related to “Hey you don’t look sick” every day. I have learned that Lyme is the same way.

    As I posted elsewhere I had a classic Lyme EM rash. All titers were negative. But a smear looking at my red cells shows a clear picture of bartonella bacteria stuck to the walls of the cells. So even if you do not present a rash for bartonella related diseases you can still have it.

  12. This sounds like my story! I had optic neuritis apr 2000 then diagnosed with MS Apr 2004. I use a can to walk around the house and use two canes when I walk outside.

    Last week (feb 2008) a report from Fry Labs says I have bartonella. I’ve also hired a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) to review my case with me.

    alrightguy123 @ yahoo . com

  13. Eric – I ran across your site by Googling. You might want to look at this website on an article about my cousin….

    Good luck with your disease.

    Beth Barnes

  14. Eric – Read this article about my cousin….


    Hope it helps….

    Beth Barnes

  15. Pain on the souls of your feet sounds like rheumatoid arthritis

  16. Read this article about a vetinary doctor who’s MS was triggered by Bartonella:


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