Jan 052007

By the Lord’s grace the last round of Solu-Medrol went extremely well as far as side effects. In fact other than trouble sleeping and stomach irritation I was pretty much in the clear. My hands have been doing better; so I guess it probably helped. On the other hand, as Gwen notes for herself, I may have just healed anyway.

When I went in for my follow-up I asked if I would be doing another month of Solu-Medrol (my old neuro liked three months of the treatment). He said no for two reasons. The first is because I did not need it; secondly, because Solu-Medrol tends to lose effectiveness over time. He added that there were two camps on why the drug loses effectiveness over time: (1) Your body grows resistant to the effects of the steroids; (2) Solu-Medrol is less effective because of the natural progression of the disease. If possible, he seemed like he tried to take a middle-of-the road strategy between those two views; which I guess works for me since they both seem reasonable.

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  1. My husband has ms, he is 33. I was wondering how you manage your fatigue. My husband was diagnoised in 1999 and has just recently experinced this ongoing fatigue. He has a been on provigal, retalin, and is now trying wellbutrin. Any ideas from anyone would help.

  2. Glad to hear you are back in the black! I’ve only used steroids twice so far. Never for more than a month or a few weeks though.

    Anon: Fatigue is a tough one … a combination of medications, diet and lifestyle changes are the best way to combat this. The doctor knows best but getting enough sleep (tough when you are working) is worth more than you can imagine.

  3. Wha have you done for lifestyle cahnges.. my husband does try to get enough sleep ,problem is he often gets a second wind around 9:00 at night. Also, I think some of the medications have been keeping up as well or he wakes in the middle of the night and then can’t fall back to sleep. Thanks for your feedback and any types we would welcome!
    One suggestion the doctor said was monthly steriods but I wonder about there side effects. He has only been on them twice in the last 7 years.
    Does anyone have an opinion on this.

  4. sorry for my mistakes in writing above.
    My toddler was around………..

  5. Anonymous,
    I agree with MDMHVonPA about the fatigue. IMHO moderate exercise can help substantially with fatigue. I also like B12 (taken as a B100 pill). I have also had problems with a 2nd wind (especially with the Provigil), and sometimes have a problem with waking up in the middle of the night for no reason for about an hour (probably MS related).

    I don’t recall the long-term side-effects of Solu-Medrol, but twice over 7 years is probably not that bad (I assume 3g-5g each time). This list (assuming I have the right drug) seems to cover most of the side-effects with little explanation. Solu-Medrol/Methylprednisolone is a popular drug for treating acute exacerbations/inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis so there should be plenty of documentation.

  6. Thanks so much. It seems people with ms have better info than the doctors.

  7. i was recently diagnosed with MS and was given 1000 mg solumedrol IV for three days and then was given a five day dose pack. I want to know how long the fatigue goes on after stopping these medication on average?

  8. If the fatigue predates the steroids and was something you were taking them for, I am sorry. Sometimes they don't work. IF the fatigue occurred after the steroids then you need to contact your doctor immediately. Steroids can cause endocrine disorders which can be fatal. Look up Addison's disease or Addisonian crisis for post steroid problem information.

  9. I just completed a cytoxan infusion with prednisone this PM. I have the treatment once every two months as a maintenance procedure. I was diagnosed in 1985 and have been on the drip for four years. I take amantadine for fatigue which I find more tolerable than provigil. No speedy effects and no crash. I use amino-piridine-4 and bacofen as needed. The amantadine has eliminated the need for the afternoon naps. Weight training at the gym regularly keeps the mind and attitude sharp…and contributes to a good night’s sleep.
    Also, because the steroids erode calcium in the bones over time I take Actonel for the potential of ostioporosis. kw

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