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Another exacerbation. In addition to the fatigue I have been having some balance issues, some pain in my arm (low level, burning pain; and only from a light touch), and an increase/resurgence of my tremor. On a side note, this type of pain is the most common type of exacerbation that I have, and typically affects the arms or legs. Recently, I also went through a period of sleeping very lightly; which certainly didn’t help the fatigue. And probably related, it seems like I have bounced from one infection to another for a while, and maybe that is why I am in yet another exacerbation. Of course, and for the first time, the antibiotics have given me an horrible case of thrush (and how can we forget the case of my MS was “cured” by getting rid of the Candida). So now on top of not being able to drink caffeine I really need to quit drinking sugary beverages (A&W Root beer) since the Nystatin anti-fungal liquid (for 7 days [and it tastes awful], and hopefully I didn’t just do in my liver with that and Rebif) is having trouble getting it under control; and since I don’t care that much for plain water that means aspartame sweetened Kool-Aid (and that probably isn’t good for the MS either ;-).

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  1. This was written on Wednesday; I just took a while posting so I backdated. The exacerbation is getting better at all points now.

  2. Also, I am done with the Tystatin now, but it did not get rid of the Candida – though it is a little better. I have been taking Acidophilus/Bifidus probiotics too (though I have missed some doses). Today I added Dannon Activa (just the 4 pack) instead of Yoplait (definitely not at yummy).

  3. Ummm, aspartame gives me migraines … be careful.

  4. Someone could well think that overcoming a chronic infection “cured” them, when in fact it just stopped stimulating their immune system.

    I certainly felt better after getting rid of an abcess in my gum that had gone unrecognized for a year until it encapsulated. I’d even seen my dentist right after it formed (at least, I assume that’s what caused the 3 days of severe pain), but he didn’t find anything and then the pain went away…so it wasn’t treated until I found the lump.

    Is unsweetened Kool-Aid still available? Splenda tastes better than aspartame.

  5. Eriksgirl has nixed that aspartame. I guess we’ll be finding something else. On the plus side I seem to be doing much better.

  6. I can’t help you with you aversion to water (there is something callled truelime and truelemon with no artificial sweeteners but it isn’t sweet.I can tell you to research Milk Thistle. I have been fighting FMS/CFS/CPS and Idiopathic neve disease, sleep apnea, flashes, floaters, etc, etc., for years. Finally saw an MS Specialist and she is taking months to go over my records but says she saw a couple suspicious things. It is hard to still be in limbo for so many years but I started taking Milk thistle a couple years ago. I take it because they think my one Darvocet a day is causing it. ? Milk Thistle is a very old herbal and what they treated liver cancer with before chemo and some doctors are going back to it because it can regenerate new cells in the liver. I hope you research it. By the way, I had a lot of your symptoms but my worst is the pain and muscle spasms and optic neuritis that took some of my sight in my left eye.
    One woman I talked to said her doctor was just about to put her on the liver transplant list when she discovered milk thistle and now her enzymes are in the normal range. It can’t hurt. And it has no know reactions to any medications.

  7. Seven days on nystatin won’t do anybody any good. I didn’t see a remission in symptoms until after 2 months. (I’m still not done yet.) Some ppl take it for years! You can find a lot of good info here: http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/candida/index.php

    Stop taking aspartame – it is toxic. If you treat your yeast, your sugar cravings will go away.

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