Jan 302007

I have now been suffering from fairly significant MS fatigue for a couple of weeks now. It seems to be slowly getting better within the last couple of days – especially this weekend. I tried taking Provigil for a couple of days last week, thinking the side effects were a thing of the past, but by day three I was highly agitated. I had run out of B100 a while ago, but refilling that has helped a little bit (though far from 100% – even with 2 B100’s a day).

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  1. I believe that fatigue is the most underated symptom in MS. I have battled with this symptom for a long time and have tried the common drugs but nothing seemed to work. I appreciate others that bring up this topic. Thank you!

  2. Crap … sorry to hear that man. I’m thinking that perhaps it’s not the MS but rather, 3 little MonsterS running you down!? That being said, I’m glad you are starting to recover. I’ve added the BComplex to my diet (on your recommendation) and found it to be helpful … but I’m still having a tough time getting out of bed when it’s 9Degrees outside.

  3. Anonymous,
    I agree. It puts me in an almost vegetative state by the end of the day. Certainly not a lot going on mentally, and affects me a lot more than any of the other exacerbations have.

  4. mdmhvonpa,
    Some days that is definitely true! I’m not sure anyone has taken a recommendation from me, quite an honor!

    About the cold … I didn’t think you kept the house much above 9 degrees anyway – and if you did it was only at the Mrs “prodding”? Certainly one way to keep the kids calm by keeping them in an almost cryogenic freeze.

  5. Hey Erik, just wanted to add my two cents, I saw your photo you posted for the red “streak” you get with a flair up. Please check out http://www.lymenet.org/drbguide200509.pdf

    Read the whole thing through and pay special attention to this paragraph.

    “Indicators of BLO infection include CNS symptoms out of proportion to the other systemic symptoms of chronic Lyme. There seems to be an increased irritability to the CNS, with agitation, anxiety, insomnia, and
    even seizures, in addition to other unusually strong symptoms of encephalitis, such as cognitive deficits and confusion. Other key symptoms may include gastritis, lower abdominal pain (mesenteric adenitis), sore soles, especially in the AM, tender subcutaneous nodules along the extremities, and red rashes. These rashes may
    have the appearance of red streaks like stretch marks that do not follow skin planes, spider veins, or red papular eruptions. Lymph nodes may be enlarged and the throat can be sore.”

    Getting a red streak during a flair up is a sign of a systematic illness and is not typical of MS.

  6. Erik,
    I’ve been going through similar lyme testing that you have. I’m really curious to see how everything turns out for both of us.
    My NKCD-57 was 30, and my western blot also came back negative. I’ve seen neurologists and rheumatologists, and now I’m seeing a Lyme Specialist who thinks I have Lyme but is reluctant to treat me until the test comes back positive. I did, however, get the full results from by western blot. It showed that I had to positive bands, and two bands (the ones you need to react in order to be positive) came back interminant. So, how can they say the test is negative? I have no idea, but I hope that information helps you. Good luck!

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