Dec 212006

and I will try to catch up on all those comments. Overall things have gone very well, and have been enjoying the family of five! I have done almost zero in regards to Multiple Sclerosis stuff online, and thus have fallen way behind. ;-(

The interesting tidbit it that I am recovering from an exacerbation involving the hands; the first since my diagnosis exacerbation. Fortunately, this exacerbation is entirely sensory; only involving a loss of sensation in my palms. It did not impact me, but concerned me enough that a round of Solu-Medrol was done (but more on that later). Regardless, I am doing well, and will attempt to rejoin the MS scene.

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  1. hey! ok… so I’m on Rebif……first year on the drug (so my life sucks) but I’m 22 years old and my office had this great Christmas party today. The only people that didnt drink were me, and the recovering alcoholic because I didnt think it’bd be a good thing to try.

    So here I am trying to inform myself by googling ‘Rebif’ and ‘alcohol’. Your blog basically affirmed what I was thinking

    thanks for saving me the phone call to my ms clinic to talk to an RN who might call me back in 24 hours!

  2. It probably isn’t great, but the same thing goes for getting loaded while on Tylenol (and any number of other drugs). I never have more than one drink, but I still have a drink once in a while. Everything in moderation.

    This is probably the post anonymous was referring to:
    Alcohol & Rebif

  3. Welcome back to blog land Erik! Good to see you 🙂 – Kim

  4. Kim,
    Thank you!

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