Jul 272006

Stimulant class drugs certainly catch my interest now that I suffer from bouts of fatigue. Though I am doing pretty well most of the time with the B100. Regardless, I came across an article for a drug that looks pretty promising. Of course with that small of a trial it is a long time before anything becomes of that. Regardless, I would like something that doesn’t have the negative side-effects of the Provigil (tenseness). Of course I probably couldn’t afford CX717 if it has to be taken constantly because of its short half life. I guess I’ll be sticking with my Dr. Pepper and B100 for a while. 😉

My problem with the fatigue is that it is more than being tired, it puts me in a depressed mood – and there seems to be a connection with the fatigue and dizziness (what fatigue and dizziness have in common I have no idea). With the Provigil I am feel much better, I am once again in a great mood, and no dizziness.


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  1. I used to take Provigil and it worked for me for a while…but I seemed to have a lot of side effects from it. I also take B12 and have added Amantadine which is used for fatigue and also as an anti-viral…which for someone like me, who tends to get sick easy, this has been helpful. I still have a lot of fatigue…so far nothing has really worked well for me but then again MS is not my only health concern. It may be something worth checking in to if increasing your amount of B12 doesn’t do the trick. I think there is also some wiggle room with Amantadine (1 pill vs. 2).

  2. Dr Pepper? What kind of heretic are you!? Mt Dew/Mellow Yellow baby. 😉

  3. Erik I hope overall you are well. Pillar of Cloud & Fire is no more – I’ve another blog at Contagious Fire. Fatigue has not been a major issue for me – when it hits it kicks my butt but, otherwise I am normal not generally tired? How often does fatigue affect you? IS it constant?

  4. I’m glad I came across your blog. I’ve had all the symptoms you have had along with paralsys in the beginning. I have been thinking about Provigil, I may give it a try. Haven’t decided yet…
    Best of luck,

  5. Glad to have found your blog through the recommendation of Brain Cheese. =o)

    I wish Provigil worked for, but it didn’t. I was still fatigued but not able to take a nap! Frustrating! lol

    Wishing you well on it!

  6. Husband tried Provigil. The first day he didn’t go to be until 6am. Second day he only stayed up til 2am. Then it didn’t seem to work at all. Went back to the old standby Amantidine.

  7. POKE … you in there?

  8. Yeah, um, you okay?

  9. POKE***

  10. Hello Erik,

    I must thank [insert name of deity here] that I have never suffered from fatigue.

    Must be all that Vitamin B I had as a child. My dad worked for Merck and used to bring home bottles of the salti ltlles tablets. (I peed bright yellow for years.)

    Of course, now its Vitamin Beer so my urine is not quite so yellow. (Man, that beer goes right through you too. 🙂

    I’m wondering how you got the Google search option. Do you get that only with the Google beta?

    Drop me a line:


    And I’d appreciate it of you could swing by the podcast (at http://www.MSBPodcast.com of course,) give a listen and then give me some feedback about it.

  11. I tried provigil but found I was unable to get to sleep. I find that laying down before leaving for work and imagining myself “recharging” helps. Lately, I found dizziness almost a constant companion. My neuro perscribed Valium 2mg. I break that in half and it helps. Im not sure how, maybe it’s the calming effect, or maybe it lifts my mood “just enough” to drag my ass to work.

  12. Hey Eric,
    I gave Provigil a try, but was not happy with it. Made me feel uneasy (wired) but I was still fatigued.

    For nutrition’s sake I found the following to be helpful: Cod Liver oil (tsp), Flax oil (tbsp), and lecithin granules (tbsp). Of course take a good multi-vitamin.

    I was diagnosed in 91 and did well till 2002ish, then my mobility started going which increased my fatigue.

    Take care – Ken

  13. Hi Erik,
    I just thought I would check in on you as it has been quite a while since you last posted. I sure hope you are okay.
    Take care,

  14. Hi Y’all,

    Erik is doing okay, but has been busy. He has been doing school full time, and just finished with his associates degree. He is working on switching schools to get a CS degree. He also has been working, and training someone new at his job. Then of course we had our little Sarah, so at home I keep him really busy with three kids four and under.

    He recently had to start a round of IV Solumedrol for his hands, but I hope he will blog more about that soon! Thanks for checking in y’all!

  15. Tell him not to work too hard eh. Merry christmas to you all!

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