Jul 262006

The joys of life in Texas in July with some 107 (41.6 Celsius) degree days. Since I am being asked frequently, I am doing surprisingly well; even when mowing! 🙁 Typically I get stiff hands and/or dizziness when mowing, but those have been surprisingly absent. Maybe a sign that things are getting better. A positive side to the heat/sun is that I am probably getting a daily dose of vitamin D just walking to the car after work! 😉

  6 Responses to “Heat Testing the Nervous System”

  1. 107 …. in the shade no less.

    You have to move to PA … it only got up to 100 here.

  2. There is family up there, so it is a definite possibility. On the other hand return to my Yankee ways may not go to well with Eriksgirl! 😉

    Besides I bet insects don’t spontaneously combust mid-air on the hot days up there! 😉 It really is a beautiful sight, and definitely worth a visit to TX late July to early August!

  3. Erik,

    Life is grand when the symptoms aren’t as bad! (I’m just starting to process of getting a diagnosis on some scary neurological symptoms I’ve been having.) My symptoms cleared up enough last week so that I could touch my son’s face and feel his soft skin.

  4. Hand problems, for me, are the worst. It was a dark time when I had a major exacerbation with them. Hope all gets better soon!

  5. WOW! I used to live in Houston and know I couldn’t manage there now…the heat and rednecks would be a killer combo LOL.
    I was worrying “Houtown” might actually be a better location this past week, as temperatures have been in the 90’s in Seattle, WA…and “some” people say there’s no such thing as global warming…
    Stay cool!

  6. It is a sad day when we are having warmer weather than Texas! It was 112` here the other day. Must be global warming. Personally I think anything much above 90/95 is all TOO hot…especially when you add MS to the mix! I am glad that you are doing well considering. Try to stay cool and take care of yourself.

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